Who Can Wear Cat's Eye?

Cat's eye gemstone or Lehsunia is an opaque and brownish green stone. It looks similar to the eye of a cat and hence the name. It is associated with Ketu according to astrology. Ketu is supposed to be one who gives sudden and immediate karmic effects. Cat's eye is hence used to help in managing the effect of Ketu on a person.

When can one wear Cat's eye gemstone?

People involved in gambling, trade, and speculation in stock markets can wear the gemstone.

Negative Ketu can cause injuries, lack of concentration, confusion, legal issues, etc. Using the cat's eye gemstone in the form of jewelry can help in reducing the ill effects of Ketu.

Malefic Ketu can also cause nervous disorders, mental instability, depression and other psychological issues. Such things can be tackled by using Lehsunia.

If your astrologer finds a negative Ketu, enemy sign or Ketu in the debilitated state in your chart, then it is important to wear the cat's eye gemstone.

Wearing cat's eye stone in the form of ring or pendant helps in creating positive energy and thwarts accidents, injuries and other ill effects of Ketu as much as possible. It helps the person's overall health and wealth.

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Steps to wear Cat's eye:

It ought to be worn in the middle finger of the working hand or as suggested by the astrologer.

You need to wear a minimum of 7 Ratti or carat for gaining good benefits.

The stone has to be activated before wearing. It is generally done by dipping it in milk or gangajal for at least 10-15 minutes. The procedure may vary according to the person's chart and hence follow the steps as provided by your astrologer.

You should make sure that the stone touches the skin when you are wearing it.

The quality of the stone has to be assessed before buying. It is advisable to have your astrologer with you while purchasing to avoid bad purchase which could result in negative effects.

It has to be worn on Tuesdays definitely.

"Aum Ketave Namah" is recited while wearing the ring/pendant or any ornament that contains the stone. It is usually repeated 108 times but can vary according to the instructions provided by your astrologer.

Since the benefits of the stone are obtained by its touch on the skin, it needs to be cleaned periodically to remove impurities and continue providing you with positive vibrations.

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Few points to note:

The price of a cat's eye stone is dependent on the quality, size, shape, polish and Ratti or carats.

There are different types of cat's eye gemstones such as Quartz cat's eye and Chrysoberyl cat's eye. Each has a different price ranging from 225 INR – 600 INR and 1300 INR – 22000 INR respectively.

The astrologer needs to be consulted regarding the type of cat's eye gemstone to be worn.

Also, the procedure to activate, the number of times to recite the mantra, the days to wear and any other steps to follow need to be verified by the astrologer before wearing the jewelry with cat's eye/lehsunia.

Ketu is a planet focusing on the enlightenment of the person but it also provides a lot of hardships to the person involved. It is also said to be very unpredictable. Hence, consult with an expert and follow the instructions properly while wearing cat's eye gemstone to reap the benefits to the maximum.

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