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How Astrology Calculates the Best Time for Childbirth

Astrologers say that you will get every answer to your life problems from astrology. This is a very popular doubt for many people. Can we calculate the best time for childbirth? This is happening in India nowadays. Many parents consult astrologers and find out the best time to deliver their child. Accordingly, they plan to admit to hospital and do delivery through C-section or induced method. The benefit of delivering a baby in the best time is to avoid all the bad effects that can happen by delivering a baby during bad timings. The delivery time can decide the future of the baby because it is the main factor to consider while preparing birth chart of a person. Date of birth and time of birth is very important according to astrologers.

There are astrologers who are specialized in pregnancy astrology prediction. They consider the birth chart of both father and mother to finally decide the best time for baby’s birth. Babies who born on this time will cause many advantages to parents and his own future. This is very interesting that even in this modern age many people believe in this theory and consider deliveringa baby in the best time. Delivering baby in this time can only be possible through C-section and that is the reason or increases in the number of C-section lately. Astrologer will check parent’s birth chart and find out the best time to give birth. The reason behind it is to build a better relationship between the child and parents in addition to this it is good for education, wealth, overall health etc.

Factors that astrologers consider while taking time for child birth

  • Placements of Lagna its Moon, Sun, Moon and the best Yoga kara planet for any Lagna are important to take the best time for childbirth. It should also be free from the effects of malefic planets and houses
  • Planets with bad aspects should be avoidedwhile taking the best time for delivery
  • Sun or Moon Ascendant should not be at life threatening houses like Maraka or Bandhak houses during delivery time
  • While considering time for childbirth astrologers will make sure that no planets occupy the house which has moon on it. If a baby born on this time he will get Kemadruma yoga
  • Place of beneficial planets for particular ascendant should be favorable to his good fortune. Avoid planets in 6th, 8th and 12th houses. If planets of these given house cannot be avoided then Sun, moon and other beneficial planets should be strongly positioned in these houses
  • Avoid planets placing on each side of Rahu-Ketu axis which can cause Kalasarpadosha. Avoid this combination to avoid childbirth in inauspicious time.
  • New moon days, Amavasya days and Gand moola days should be avoided while taking time for childbirth. Gand moola nakshatra are 1st part of Ashwini, 1st part of Magha, 1st part of Moola, 4th part of Ashlesha, 4th part of Jyeshta and 4th part of Revathi nakshatra.
  • Avoid strong effects of Mars which can cause Mangal dosha while taking best time for childbirth.

You can also plan childbirth from the time you conceive a baby. There are certain days when couple can intercourse and try for a baby. If you can consider this from starting itself the child can be a smart one. Hindus considers that doing everything on auspicious time can bring good fortune. You can consult an astrologer who can do pregnancy prediction. Pregnancy astrology is a strong area which deals with such factors. There are websites also where you can enter birth chart of both parents to know the best time for childbirth. Check this because this is free and gives you good result also.


If you haven’t considered of checking good time for childbirth this is the best time. Get help from a good astrologer and check your pregnancy horoscope. This can help you to get a healthy and happy child. This works on a basis of calculation and this calculation can give you best possible time when you can plan for childbirth. If normal delivery is not possible that time, consider for C-section. Checking the good time can help you to offer your child a good future without any doshas.

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