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  • Q1. When will I get married? Why is my marriage getting delayed
  • Q2. I am confuse regarding Manglik. Clarify on the status.
  • Q3. Will I have a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
  • Q4. Long time in Love, Shall I go for Marriage.
  • Q5. Manglik Dosh analysis for girl and boy.
  • Q6. How will be our marriage compatibility.
  • Q7. Long time in love. Shall I go for marriage.
  • Q8. How will be our Longevity of marriage.
  • Q1. Which is best suitable career choice for me?
  • Q2. Should I go for Business or Job.
  • Q3. I am working hard but getting no result? Why my efforts going in vain?
  • Q4. I am struggling with the Job. Is it the right time to Change the Job.
  • Q1. What are my future health problems? Is there any accident in future?
  • Q2. Why am I facing sudden health issues? Unpredictable illness? What is the duration of my illness?
  • Q3. Upcoming health risks?
  • Q1. How will be my financial situation this year?
  • Q2. When should I start the new venture?
  • Q3. Will I be successful in my business?
  • Q4. My partner is creating obstacles in my business, what is the wayout.
  • Q5. Should I start a new business or carry on the existing one?
  • Q6. Should I take loan this year?
  • Q7. When Will I Come Out Of A Legal Situation?
  • Q8. shall i be successful in share market ? Success In Share Market.

Incredibly Simple. Satisfaction guaranteed. 100% Privacy
Special offer.Limited Period.

Price @ $ Q1.20 & Q2 Onward 15...

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Astrology Solution made Simple.

  Choose Questions or ask your own.

 Top astrologer answer your question.

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Ankit Sharma

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

24 April, 2018

I asked about marriage, I have start to do the remdies for the same, that was Great experience with akashvaani. I recommend akashvaani in future too.

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Chandigarh Punjab

24 April, 2018

I asked about marriage, career health for myself, my sister and my mother All my questions have been answered promptly. Thanks for all the help. All the answers are 100% satisfied.

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Rohit Chawda

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand,

24 April, 2018

I was very confused about my brother is Mangalik or not. Than I contact with u guys and I get all of my answer.thanks a lot . U provide some remedies for the dosh, it was very helpful.

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Marriage Astrology

Delayed marriage
Position Of Below Rashis And Planets In 7th House:

Makar and kumbhrasican cause of delay marriage. The lord of these rashis are Shani (Saturn), who is known to delay things. Rahu and Ketu are also malefic planets that cause marriage delay. Mangal (Mars)in the 7th house also creates a lag for marriage and marriage issues.

The drishti of powerful planets like shani:

The 7th house indicates one's life partner as well. The presence of Shani or mangal in this house indicates a delay in finding the right partner. If Shaniaspects the 1st or 7th house, it indicates slow progress.

Position and lord of 7th house in marriage horoscope

The lord of the 7th house in one's marriage horoscope should be checked. It should not be affected by the aspect of shani or mangal or rahu. Each of these can again weaken the overall prospects of marriage.

Currently running dashas and Sadesati affect

The currently running dashas in a person's life and the seven and a half years period of Shani's influence also can be major causes for the non-settlement of future marriage life.

Love Marriage Or Arranged Marriage
Study of 1st house:

The 1st house is indicative of the personality of a person and the 7th house is indicative of one's life partner. If the lord of 1st and the 7th house are sitting in each other's houses, it is a good significator of love marriage prediction.

Specific yogas are present

If study of 1st and 7th houses indicates navpanchamyog and saptamyog, then it is beneficial towards love marriage as well.

Specific planets are strong in horoscope

The 5th house also indicates love. If Shukra (Venus) and Buddh( Mercury) are in the 5th house, if the lord of the 5th house is also in 7th house and vice versa, it again indicates fortunes and gains through love.

The above factors are used to makelove marriage prediction by name, in vedic astrology.

When Will I Get Married
Marriage Prediction by date of birth and time.

If auspicious planets such as Chandra (Moon) and Budh (Mercury) are in the 7th house, they bring about an early marriage, in the age range of 18 to 20. When Guru (Jupiter) transits from the 1st, 3rd or 11th house and aspects the 7th house, it helps for the settlement of marriage. Chandra (Moon), Guru (Jupiter) and Shukra (Venus) in strong positions are generally good for marriage to occur at the correct time.

Presence of inauspicious planets

Makar and kumbhrasi can cause of delay marriage. The lord of these rashis are Shani (Saturn), who is known to delay things. Rahu and Ketu are also malefic planets that cause delay.Mangal (Mars) in the 7th house also creates a lag for marriage. Shani delays marriage to post the age of 30, and presence of Rahu can take the marriage age prediction to over 30 also.

Marriage Compatibility

Kundali reading for marriage is checked

The rashis of both partners in janam kundali are checked for compatibility in thinking. Rashi's are grouped according to their tattwa or elements. For example, Agni (fire) and Jal (water)rashi are incompatible whereas Agni (fire) and Vayu (wind) are compatible. So, Leo being a agni sign would be incompatible with scorpio which is a water sign but more of a personality match with gemini which is a wind sign.

Gun milan-A tool for marriage life prediction.

Gun Milan is done to check compatibility on all aspects and points are given accordingly, using Ashtakoot gun milan system. A score of 18 and above is considered good for marriage life.

Houses, planets and yogasare checked

The relation of the 1st and 7th house are checked. Yogas being formed are looked into. The formation of MrityuShadashtak yoga indicates a lot of marriage issues, problems&enemity.It is a clear indicator of incompatibility whereas Navpanchami yoga indicates very good compatibility.. Position of mangal or Mars is checked in the horoscope to see if either of the partners are manglik. Mars placed in the 1st , 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house indicates manglik dosh. Such a person can marry only another manglik. They are of high stress temperament, and would not be compatible with other personality types. Strength of auspicious planets like Guru (Jupiter) and Shukra (Venus) are checked in both horoscopes.

Vedic astrology deals with the issue of compatibility in this way by taking a deep dive into the janam kundali – checking horoscope, rashi, nakshatra, charan and panchang.

Marriage Horoscope 2019

Vedic astrology readings for the year 2019 are calculated based on your moon sign and not just sun sign as of western astrology. For those people, who are planning to get married in this year, let’s look at what is predicted in each sign’s horoscopes in relation to marriage.

Aries – Best year for marriage – High Chances

Those falling in this rashi have a very positive scope of getting married due to Jupiter staying in the 8 th house for most of the year. Saturn will be transiting in Venus for the full year, and Venus being the significator of marriage, chances are high again. So, 2019 could be the marriage year!

Taurus – Good for marriage – Chance of obstacles

Jupiter is very favorably placed in the horoscope making it a good time for marriage, however there would be some obstacles on the way. It is possible that one may get distracted and avoid the topic of marriage. The 8 th house predicts some disturbances. However, if on track, 2019 could be the marriage year with some effort!

Gemini – Love marriage possibility

Saturn is placed in the 7 th house of the and there is a conjunction of Venus and Saturn as well. There is a possibility of getting back a lost love, and having a love marriage. There is also the possibility of giving more importance to career versus marriage.

Throw us a quick question on your marriage prospects for this year. Let the experts at Akashvaani help you out.

Virgo – Good for marriage – Take remedies for Saturn

The mid and year end of 2019 seem to be a very good time for marriage. Love marriages are also possible around this time. Saturn can reduce the aspiration and interests towards love.

Scorpio – Best for marriage –Love and arrange marriage possible

The influence of Jupiter, an auspicious grahak of marriage makes it a great year for marriage. For Scorpio, Jupiter is the lord of 2nd & 5th house of family and romance. It will cast its aspect on 5th house of romance, 7th house of marriage and 9th house of destiny. Such a position benefits Scorpio in love as well as arranged marriage. Those looking for a second marriage should be careful.

Cancer – Chances of marriage – finances can affect marriage chance

Love would blossom with Jupiter positioned in the 5 th house. Mercury brings issues of financial risk which affect prospects of marriage also. Saturn is the lord of the 7th house of marriage but it is posited in 6th house in transit, making it unfavorable.

Looking for a detailed consultation on your marriage prospects for this year. Let the experts at Akashvaani help you out.

Capricorn – Some chances of marriage

Jupiter is placed in the 11 th house and combustion of Venus in the mid-year will impact love relationships. There are many obstacles but March 2019 seems to be the best month in the entire year to get married.

Aquarius – Low chance of marriage

As per the horoscope, the natives would not be very interested in settling down and getting married. They would be more keen to enjoy life on their own. The months of April, May and August are ideal for marriage matters.

Sagittarius – Delay in timing of marriage – Do remedies for Saturn

Saturn is transiting Sagittarius in the Venus Nakshatra in 2019. Venus helps in marriage however the presence of Saturn in Sagittarius tends to delay marriage. Those opting for a second marriage find very good luck in 2019 with efforts.

Pisces – Best chances for marriage and childbirth

As per the 2019 Pisces marriage horoscope, scope of marriage is high. You would get a very ideal and loving partner. There are chances that your financial position would get better after marriage. Chances of having a smooth marriage and conception soon after is also a possibility.

Libra – Good chance of marriage - Do remedies for Rahu and Ketu

Chances of getting many good proposals is high in Jan and Feb, and marriage can happen towards end of the year. Influence of Rahu-Ketu can cause some problems. For the same reason, one must not take

hasty decisions on marriage. It is not a favorable time to remarry as the probability of a stable and long- lasting relationship seems less likely.

Leo – High chances of marriage

The possibility of getting married is very high. Leos need to keep their ego in check, so as to avoid conflicts and problems in marriage. Leo, if seeking a love marriage in 2019, chances look good near the end of the year.