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Health. An universal desire of human beings.
No matter how wealthy or powerful one's, health, after all, is the most precious thing. Health is not simply a matter of absence of illness. Health means constant challenge.
We have seen that illness both mental as well physical has become one of the most basic sufferings that human beings experience in today's time.
In seeking to free people from this suffering - Jyotish Vidya or Astrology has always played an important role in health. Using Hindu Vedic Methodology we are able to predict the relation between the mind and body. To let you know that planetary positions can also influence health conditions to a great extent.

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How does Prediction Works

Based on your date of birth, time , location or horoscope and using the vedic methodology we try to explain and give you the prediction of your health which is commonly known as medical astrology or vedic medical astrology .

Medical and Health Astrology

Health Prediction

In Vedic health forecast we explain you how the planets in various position determines the nature of your health. There is a link between your planets and house with your body parts.

Each house and each planets corresponds to particular part of the body. Below is for your reference.

SECOND HOUSE - Throat and neck
THIRD HOUSE - Arms, hands, lungs, nerves
FOURTH HOUSE - Stomach, breasts, thorax
FIFTH HOUSE - Heart, spine and back
SIXTH HOUSE - Intestines, digestion
EIGHTH HOUSE - Colon, sex organs, lower back
NINTH HOUSE - Hips, thighs
TENTH HOUSE - Skin, knees, bones
ELEVENTH HOUSE - Circulation, blood, legs
TWELFTH HOUSE � Feet, left eye, sleep

Ask Any Question about your health

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Health Issues

You can ask any question regarding your health. Questions like What are my future health problems?, Why am I facing sudden health issues?, Upcoming health risks? Is there any accident in future?, Remedies for my health problems ?

Expert Astrologers will answer your Questions. You will receive answers in form of voice recording.

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Your horoscope or Kundali gives you an insight into your Personality & life path. The method of Kundali is developed by ancient sages, which has been an important tool since ages and still very relevant in today's times for making human life better.

This birth Report is specially designed to give you analysis based on your Charts.This is a beautiful piece of booklet about you. You can keep as lifetime guide.

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In addition to the above report. It is a detailed report about your personality, covers answers regarding various aspects of your life like Your Intelligence, education, Mind, Will power & emotions, Wealth, Knowledge, marriage, comfort.

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Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching

The kundali making for matching is a method which can give info about your Mental and Physical compatibility, Longevity of the marriage , Nature, Health according to Astrology, Childbirth, Separative tendencies and financial standings.

You are going to receive a detail report about you and the person you intend to take the relationship ahead. The report will cover important Horoscope charts, Manglik status, Ashtakoot Guna milan, Relationship parameters match analysis and personality Analysis.

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Most Asked Questions

Q.1 An Astrology predict my health problems even before they occur?

Ans. Yes! According to the planetary positions at the time of your birth determines the present and the future of your health. There are 12 houses in the birth chart and each house is ...continue read associated with their lords and Planets. The combination of planets determines at what age you will fall sick. less

Q.2 Is it possible to know through astrology if my current health condition get better?

Ans. Yes! The position of planets in the wrong house determines which health issue is going to happen but as you know planets rotates all the time, your health can also improve with time.

Q.3 Is it a good time for Surgery/operations ?

Ans. The moon has the control over tides and every water body on the earth. In fact moon also controls the closing and opening of the oysters, also monthly cycle of the female (Takes 28 days to revolve around the earth). Means the human body is composed of 70% of fluid, hence moon also affect human body. ...continue read Operation or surgery is a disturbance with the natural process of the Moon because each and every organ is ruled by the Moon. Being moon in malefic house or with malefic planet can bring harmful result. less

Q.4 Why I am falling sick repeatedly?

Ans. As per medical astrology, all the planets are associated with some part of the human body. During the dasha of the planet or during the unfavorable transit, an individual have to suffer health issue either small or big.

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