Yog is derived from a sanskrit word ‘YUJ’, means oneness, to unite, to join.

Yoga is the process of uniting human consciousness with universal consciousness.


Yoga unites mind with body.

Various postures indicate flexibility of body and relaxation of mind.


Yoga is not only about physical strength, it actually works on our thought plane/ on mind. So that the person who is practising it will be free from anxiety issues, stress, depression, hypertension, obsession, greediness, etc.


Yoga postures helps a person’s body flexibility, removes stiffness, works with pain management.


Now a days, daily life style, sitting postures of us creates lots of physical as well as mental problems.

So in that case at least 10 min. daily yoga works like miracle. A person who is adopting it regularly never needs medicine, infact one’s immunity increases day by day.


6 types of ancient yoga are there. 

In which Hatha Yoga works with body and mind.


Raja yoga works with meditation. So basically Yoga enhances spirituality in one’s life.


Like Trikonasana Yoga improves blood circulation in body, good for kidney.

Ardha Matsyendrasana Yoga Cures indigestion and constipation issues.

Bhujangasana Yoga cures acidity and gastric issues.


Sidhasana improves immunity.

Padmasanas balances chakras, calm unnecessary thoughts.

Basically Asanas works on mental being, relax mind, removes stress and anxiety, because asanas means easy, simple, it calms breathing and relax body.


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