Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching

This is the most sacred , spiritual and essential way of getting to know your future. Vedic Astrology says that with correct birth date , time , location , latitude and longitude one can design or make a Horoscope or commonly known as "Janam Kundali"

This kundali matching method is an old age method in which the placement of planets in both horoscope is taken into consideration to assigns points for factors that influence marriage. More the points, more chances of success of the marriage. Though this method is not restricted to marriage only and can be used for compatibility analysis between boy and girl.

Kundli Analysis

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Our Kundali Matching analysis consists of the following answers;

Kundali Matching

Longevity of the marriage , Nature, Health,
Child birth, Separative tendencies and financial standings.
Will the spouse be working or into business ?
What kind of family will he or she will belong ?
Explanation and importance of Horoscope matching
Mental and Physical compatibility
Effects both positive and negative of planet Mars (Mangal) in both the horoscope
Gun or Points or number of Common factors in both horoscope

Can a Manglik marry a Non Manglik ? Visit our Mangal Dosh . Final astrological recommendation and vedic remedies to smoothen the marriage in case of any dosh.

Naadi Dosh In Marriage

Based on Vedic methodology Naadi Dosh is one of the aspects which is calculated or checked and analysed just like Managl Dosh of the proposed partners.
As we read under Kundali match matching is all about reading the compatibility between two partners both physical and mental for a smooth and lasting married life . In view of the same experts they read and analze whether the partners are also sharing the Naadi Dosh . Its is defined from the 36 points or common factors which are usually considered for marriage , Naadi Dosh is the 8 points out of the 36 points. This describes a great importance for the purpose of marriage , the Naadi Milan of husband and Wife must be different . In simpler words opposite attracts and similar poles repel each other.

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Most Asked Questions

Q.1 What is Naadi Dosh ?

Ans. Naadi Dosh is when the Naadi of the Proposed Husband is similar to proposed wife .This decision of the presence of Naadi Dosh ...continue read can be observed or predicted after a detail study of the horoscope based on the birth date , time and location or Janam Kundali of the two partners . In a Simpler form it indicates the flow of breath or energy in a person . In case this energy level in husband is same as wife the marriage between two partners are ruled out. ...read less

Q.2 What happens when it Occurs ?

Ans. In case we ignore this and moves ahead for marriage there are certain consequences which can be faced by the partners. For Example: ...continue read No intimacy or less attraction between the partner
Some heath Issues to any one or both partners can happen at same time
Discord or unrest married life
Possibility of Infertility
In case of child birth , the new born will be physically and mentally retarded
Possibility of conceiving however soon there can be a miscarriage .
Relation or bonding between two partners will never groom or grow affecting families and financially .
...read less

Q.3 Mangal Dosha or being a Mangalik and why is it significant while match-making ?

Ans. However there are Naadi Dosh Exceptions to rule also and has been observed in horoscope of few partners :...continue read If the stars of male and female are different with same zodiac or rashi than the intensity of Naadi dosh is cancelled OR
If two partners having same stars but with different Rashi or zodiac that too the intensity is ignorable .
In such situation the married life of two partners are smooth and hassle- free. Futher for your information or knowledge there are 3 kinds of Naadi seen in horoscopes or Kundali , Adi ( start) , Madhya( Middle) and Anti ( End) this has been defined by Ayurveda . ...read less


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