Refund & Cancellation Policy

At Akashvaani, we have full confidence in our services. We leave no stone unturned in providing our esteemed clients fast, reliable and exceptional service guarantee every time in time we do business with them. All the services available at Akashvaani website are carried out for the customer after analyzing deeply about the issue working for their satisfaction , so that there is no possibility of cancellation and reversal or refund. However, any refund and service cancellation takes place abiding a set of conditions.


Cancellation Policy

  • A customer can place the cancellation of the order for a particular service within 4 days of service date as there may be some additional information required or some additional time may be required in some cases after the date of service ordered.
  • No cancellation is possible for the services offered with promotional discounts on special campaigns  or offers that are going on. Where special prices are offered for the service.
  • In any case, Akashvaani will not entertain cancellation requests made for services after the service is delivered to the customer. However we will be trying our best to resolve any issue that customer faces after the service is delivered.
  • In case of any payment disputes if the order is successful or not, customers can reach out to us in two working days showing their payment successful or Akashvaani email received. Then we will be starting to proceed for their service. It can take 4 days for the answer delivery after that.


Refund Policy

  • No refund is possible in case of service being delivered to the customer, However we will try to resolve the issue if any.

Refund will be offered if we failed to deliver any service after a certain

Period of time and if the customer cancels after the time period mentioned in  the cancellation policy.

  • There is always a certain set of resources that are involved in achieving every service. Thus, a refund would not be entertained for the work already completed.
  • No refund will be entertained in case service gets canceled due to any violation of terms stated in our Terms & Condition section.
  • In case of any dispute regarding any cancellation and refund, Akashvaani keeps the right to take the final decision.


We request our customer to read the above mentioned cancellation and refund policies thoroughly to escape any inconvenience during cancellation or refund. Akashvaani  appreciates your time here.