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Manglik Dosh effect on career, Health & Marriage

India is a country of beliefs and devotion. Indian mythology has a lot of answers to the secrets of the universe. The Manglik Dosh is an Indian astrological concept, which is a combination of Mars. If the Mars in on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th round of the ascending chart. A person who is born in the period of this combination of mars is known as a Manglik. This astrological combination is believed to be unfavorable for person's personal and professional life's growth.

The planet Mars represents energy, ego, self- esteem and respect. The different round represents the different problems with the people born in those particular hours. The different effects of the mars or Manglik dosha are:

Manglik dosha’s effect on marriage

The planet Mars is a hostile plant, according to the astrological believes the impact of mars is especially unfavorable for marriages and life after marriage. If the one Manglik get married to a non- Manglik it may cause instability in the relationship and hamper the understanding between the spouses severely. There is a constant fear of the planet’s negative effects on the marriage. The instability of relationship is a reason for mental illness and depression which directly or indirectly also influence the professional and personal life a person.

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Effects on health

The Manglik dosha is believed to bring bad health if in marriage. If one Manglik gets married without practicing the remedies to a non- Manglik it can harm the health of the spouses in the relationship. And the unfavorable combinations can also bring death to the house. It is believed that due to the Manglik dosha one of the spouses might have a life danger. There have been described many remedies to please the planet Mars and minimize the harmful effects of mars on a person’s life and health.

Effects on career

Due to the instability and unfavourable effects of planet mars might hamper the personal and professional life of a person. Due to the healthily- illness, a person's lifestyle may hamper a lot. In these situations, it is very difficult to make a balance on the professional front. People are not strong enough to work and give their 100 percent inputs physically and mentally into the jobs they do. The Manglik dosha plays a vital role for instabilities in life and creates adverse effect on the lives of the Manglik people.  

Effects on life

The unstable pattern in the personal and professional front might play with the mind of an individual and this is a reason of depression in life. The constant instabilities might make your perception a bit negative on life and the people around.


The astrological beliefs are very strongly followed and accepted in the Indian society. The particular combinations of the planet Mars and the birth of a child can influence the lives of the particular person and people around them.

The Manglik dosha is believed to bring instability and misfortune to the household. People are very conscious of the idea of getting married to a Manglik. The society has created different remedies to rescue themselves from the trap of misfortune of the planet Mars. There are different practices for the different problems and people do follow them with the belief that the effects of Manglik may minimize their lives.

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