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What are the various obstacle that comes in the way of love marriage, what are the reasons for those astrologically?

Love, a beautiful feeling in this world. It connects everyone of any race, any cast, any color, and of any country. It is divine and one can attain a higher level of spirituality through it. Love has no boundaries, this is the statement we used to hear all the time. In fact, if talking about marriage, love marriage is blooming in the society. It is more common nowadays. These days various young boys and girls studies in co-education school, college, work together etc. Every time when you will see the crowd, you will found lots of young people. These changing trends make them fall in love and they want to marry each other.

However, not everyone able to marry their lover or could not able to marry because of some reasons. There may be various obstacles in the way, sometimes parents don’t allow them to marry, and sometimes they get separated no matter how much they love each other. Relationships end just like that but trust me no one wants to end their relationship and everyone wants to marry their lover.

Why don't relationships turn into love marriages?

It is hard to believe that your long term relationship will not face happy ending. And there some issues either social or astrological that hinder in completing your love into marriage. However, the main reason behind this is not having benefic planet supporting love marriage in one’s chart. Some of the issues are:

Religion: Usually, parents don’t allow to marry a boy or girl of inter religion because they term it as unconventional marriage. And they believe (Sometimes it happens) that these marriages may result in divorce, delay in marriage of their future generation, financial uncertainty, and so on. As per the astrology, there is certain combination in the birth chart that denotes marriage, the success of love marriage such as 7th house denotes the marriage but 9th house denotes the luck and religion. This is house an astrologer would see for inter-religion marriage. If it’s in your favor that no matter what, you will have inter-religion marriage.

Cast: in an astrology, this cast term is referred as “Gotra” and sometimes people allow inter cast marriage but usually people favor marriage in a cast. In astrological science, there is some logic behind the cast system related with astrological bodies. However, in modern science, it denotes the DNA structure of a person. The same DNA of people can’t marry in an Indian society as their babies may face some hereditary issue.  Also, a couple may face trouble after marrying in inter cast because each incident in life happens with some planetary positions.

Mangal Dosh: falling in love is easy because only one sight of a person is enough to make you fall in love. Let us consider there is mental compatibility between the couple, have all the gunas matching but if one person’s mangal is malefic then he or she may face mangal dosh. And there is a misconception about this dosh is a person opposite to mangal dosh person may die after marriage. The parents do not allow their son/daughter to marry a Manglik dosh person.

Commitment: this is a most important aspect in every relationship. If a person says he or she loves you but afraid of commitment of marriage. Then this case also arises failure of love. Even, it doesn’t arise intentionally, it is a nature a person that does not allow them to stick with their decision. This all depends on the planet Jupiter, the virtue planet. This tells whether the person is capable of keeping the promise or not.

Other factors that hinder the love marriage are: in horoscope chart, the placement of the Venus suggests whether the relationship will reach to the marriage or it is merely a physical attraction. The planet rules everyone’s emotions of carnal desires or pleasure. If this planet shows the good condition that it denotes the true love. Also, the planet Venus is Karak grah means if this rules in 7th and 5th house, the love marriage will definitely happen.

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