Manglik dosh, Manglik dosha check

Manglik Dosh

According to astrology, a person is termed manglik, if he / she has the presence of Mars /mangal in Girl or Boy 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house.

This occurrence of this condition is believed to be a cause of marital problems. If a manglik marries a non manglik, then they are likely to have a lot of arguments and disharmony between each other, which ultimately become a cause of bigger problems.

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Manglik Dosh

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Checking Manglik dosh

Presence of Mars in the first house leads to problems between spouses, often becoming a cause of physical assaults and even separation.

Manglik dosh in the second house causes serious disturbances and hurdles in both the personal as well as the professional life of the person.

If the presence of Mars is found in the fourth house, then the person is prone to face a lot of financial problems. There may be career related problems like frequent shifts in jobs, etc. The results and outcomes of all this will be such that it causes trouble to a person overall.

Manglik dosh in the seventh house is known to cause problems to the nature of the person. The person might become low tempered and irritable. This nature of aggression will lead to a lot of fights with family as well as friends.

In eighth house, if manglik dosh is present, this will mean that the person will acquire a very lazy and callous attitude. He will be reckless and is prone to lose all of the ancestral / parental property given to him.

The person has chances of having many enemies if there is manglik dosh in the twelfth house of the kundli. This can become a reason for mental illness and financial losses in the life of the person.

Manglik Dosha

Manglik dosh for Marriage

Manglik dosh affects various aspects of a person’s life, but it mainly affects the married status of the person. Therefore, it is important to check manglik dosh.

Manglik dosh in a person’s kundli can cause delay in marriages. Even if a person gets married, he / she is prone to face a lot of problems in married life. Mangal dosh can be completely cured if you two manglik persons get married to each other.

If a manglik and non manglik marry, then they might face to face issues such as non compatibility, physical assaults, aggression, and even separation.

Other rituals and poojas can also be performed in order to lessen the effects of Mars.

Characteristics of manglik dosh include:

It can occur in any of Girl/boy chart.
The person who is manglik will have temper problems. This will lead them in a difficult position adjusting with their spouse.
The energy of manglik dosh is as high as the energy of fire. It can be used constructively, but if at all mismanaged, it can lead to dangerous problems.
Apart from marriage problems, manglik dosh also leads to financial problems and mental illness.
Marriage between two mangliks can cancel out the negative effects of mars.

Manglik dosh solutions

The solution for manglik dosh will vary with the different cases. However, there are some solutions which is to be applied after advise by astrologers. Some of these are

On every first Tuesday of a new month, keep a fast. During this fast, you can only consume toor daal, also called split pigeon daal.
On Tuesdays, make it a point to donate something red or wheat breads and sharp objects like knives and scissors.
Kumbh vivah can also be performed.
Donate red colored objects to people you find working with sharp iron objects as a manglik dosh remedy.
Make it a point to chant Hanuman Chalisa as much as you can. This should be done at least once throughout the day.
Offering vermillion and sweets at a Hanuman temple on Tuesday can also work as a manglik dosh solution for you.
Om Shreem Hanumante Namah should be chanted 108 times while sitting in a Hanuman temple or in front of a Hanuman statue is also favorable to eliminate manglik dosh.

Most Asked Questions

Q.1 Preparations to lessen the effects of Mangal dosha?

Ans. Kuja dosha generally Cannot be solemnized by following some common remedies. To suggest a remedy for the manglik dosha it is necessary that a thorough analysis of the birth chart is done. The Kundali needs to be studied well . However Manglik person need not to worry, still there are few remedies and certain therapies which might help to reduce the effect. This includes chanting mantras, performing certain rites and rituals by the individual

Q.2 How to Know the Percentage of Mangal Dosh ?

Ans. To know the mangal dosh or whether you are mangalik , can only be predicted through the birth chart. Based on the Moon's degree one can confirm about Kuja Dosh. Whether Its high or Low , for this correct time of birth , date and location is a must as the Mangal dosh is based on the ascendant and it varies with every hour.

Q.3 Mangal Dosha or being a Mangalik and why is it significant while match-making ?

Ans. In the horoscope matching process, if all other attributes matches but there is a mismatch in the manglik status of the prospective bride and groom, the marriage prediction between them will be considered inappropriate.

Q.4 Can a Manglik Get Married?

Ans. Well Of course. If both the spouses are Mangliks then this dosha gets invalidated. All its ill effects can be avoid and the two can have a happy married life. Secondly if one of them has Mars in the 'Lagna', Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth or the Twelfth House and the other has Saturn or 'Rahu / Ketu' in the 'Lagna', Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth or the Twelfth House, then too, the defects get cancelled or invalid.

Q.5 Will there be any effect of Managl dosh after marriage ?

Ans. The effect of Kuja dosh exists both before and after marriage. As we read earlier that the severity of Managl dosh is seen when it is placed in the 7th House ( house for marriage). In case the effect has not been reduced before marriage than most likely troubles can been seen between couples after marriage . Disharmony between spouses, frequent fights ,scarcity of closeness and intimacy , lack of money or disturbed domestic life. For these one needs to follow certain remedies to reduce the effect and smooth the daily routine.

Q.6 Positive Effects of Mars or Mangal?

Ans. As by now we know that Mars the Red planet is very hot and plays a very important role in our horoscopes or kundali. It is the planet of action and our capacity to project emotion - its nature is that of a brave warrior, one who is also ruthless and rash . A correct balance of Mars energy is most desirable in all lives - but unfortunately, only a lucky few possess this dynamic balance. Mars is the planet of emotional excitability, which can become violent at the slightest instigation.


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