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  • Q1. When will I get married? Why is my marriage getting delayed
  • Q2. I am confuse regarding Manglik. Clarify on the status.
  • Q3. Will I have a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
  • Q4. Long time in Love, Shall I go for Marriage.
  • Q5. Manglik Dosh analysis for girl and boy.
  • Q6. How will be our marriage compatibility.
  • Q7. Long time in love. Shall I go for marriage.
  • Q8. How will be our Longevity of marriage.
  • Q1. Which is best suitable career choice for me?
  • Q2. Should I go for Business or Job.
  • Q3. I am working hard but getting no result? Why my efforts going in vain?
  • Q4. I am struggling with the Job. Is it the right time to Change the Job.
  • Q1. What are my future health problems? Is there any accident in future?
  • Q2. Why am I facing sudden health issues? Unpredictable illness? What is the duration of my illness?
  • Q3. Upcoming health risks?
  • Q1. How will be my financial situation this year?
  • Q2. When should I start the new venture?
  • Q3. Will I be successful in my business?
  • Q4. My partner is creating obstacles in my business, what is the wayout.
  • Q5. Should I start a new business or carry on the existing one?
  • Q6. Should I take loan this year?
  • Q7. When Will I Come Out Of A Legal Situation?
  • Q8. shall i be successful in share market ? Success In Share Market.

Incredibly Simple. Satisfaction guaranteed. 100% Privacy
Special offer.Limited Period.

Price @ $ Q1.20 & Q2 Onward 15...

Astrology Solution made Simple.

  Choose Questions or ask your own.

 Top astrologer answer your question.

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Astrology Solution made Simple.

  Choose Questions or ask your own.

 Top astrologer answer your question.

  You Get answer in 24 Hours.

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Love Marriage Consultation

Gives you insights on everything you need to know about your love relationships. It can check levels of compatibility with partner, quality and chances of happy married life, any risks or dangers in the relationship, opposition from family etc.

In addition, you can also ask 3-5 specific questions related to the future that are of importance to you at this time.

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Detailed consultation is our premium service where we take you in-depth into one particular issue Or deeply analyse all aspects of your life. Our experts follow a structured and intensive quality process:

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Our solutions are designed to bring the benefits of the divine science of astrology which is highly relevant to help the modern person. All our solutions are simple, practical and can be easily implemented in daily life.

The benefits of going for a premium service is highly recommended to understand all aspects of a problem. Detailed consultation helps you with:


Understanding of issues from larger context and problem solving


Gain valuable insights, know more about oneself, one's life course, strengths and weaknesses in one's chart as per astrology.


Practical remedial solutions that can be easily practiced in modern day-life


Take advantage of predictions to act at the best times, in your best interest and create the bestlife you can

Feedback from Customers

The Akashvaani team believes in delivering top-notch customer experience along with 100% satisfaction. We are proud to share some of the ways in which our clients have had great outcomes with our service.

Imran was facing many issues in his marriage. He was miserable due to incompatibility with his wife. He was thinking of getting remarried to his first love.

Placement of venus with ascendant in 12th house, and analysis of currently running dashas proved that he was currently running a period of confusion, tension and possible separation. Ketu in the 12th house signified a second marriage as well.

We recommended that second marriage was an option, however his anger issues and nature needed to be controlled, for the second marriage to be successful. Our experts recommended specific gemstones for his nature and simple remedies of charity on specific days, for ideal outcome. Client agreed with the analysis in full, and became aware of his own actions.

Sadyarshi was unable to decide which would be the best possible career choice for him

Placement of mercury in 7th house showed that he was strong in communication. Saturn in the 9th house also indicated that his career growth would be slow but steady.

He was recommended to go in for technical kind of fields, and keep working hard for career growth, which was sure to happen. Our experts recommended donations of food on specific days, for ideal outcome. Client was already pursuing study in technical field and got the confidence to move forward.

Keerthi had concerns about her married life in future and how her spouse would be

The placement of planets and currently running dashas indicated that she had a good yoga for marriage until May 2019. The 7th house being in a very good position on her chart indicated a happy married life with a suitable partner.

Our experts recommended donations of food on specific days, for ideal outcome. Client was able to plan her marriage in the correct period yoga of marriage.

Abhishek had concerns about his financial situation in future and whether he could continue to support his family

The placement of planets and currently running dashas indicated that Abhishek should go in for a job change to bring about a change in the financial situation for good. His chart indicated continuing support from his family.

Our experts recommended praying to Lord Hanuman on tuesdays for a good job. Client got a new job, and saw significant difference in financial position.

Aseem was concerned about his sudden health issues and wanted to check if it was a long-term problem?

Placement of lord of the 6th house with ascendant lord was the cause of the health issues. The issues were unpredictable and would also be for a long duration.

Our experts recommended specific gemstones for fighting specific illnesses and simple remedies of charity on specific days, for ideal outcome. Client agreed with the analysis in full, and took the steps to reduce risks and overcome health problems.

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Take our detailed consultation for a 360-degree view of your issue. Our 3 step process covers problem analysis, problem solving and practical way forward.

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Mansi Dixit

Lucknow UP

24 April, 2018

Hi I asked about my friend's marriage problem and guruji explained it with dedications and with solution. I am looking forward to ask about my other relatives.

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Sheeba David

Pune Maharashtra

24 April, 2018

I got to know akashwani online and I got good predictions but I am yet to experience the predictions given by them.

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Shimla Himachal Pradesh

24 April, 2018

I asked about marriage, I have start to do the remdies for the same, that was Great experience with akashvaani. I recommend akashvaani in future too.

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Love marriage Prediction

We see many love marriages also hitting the rocks in modern society and it all comes down to compatibility at many different levels and not just physical attraction or infatuation.

Love or arrange marriage prediction
Study of 1st house:

? The 1st house is indicative of the personality of a person and the 7th house is indicative of one's life partner. If the lord of 1st and the 7th house are sitting in each other's houses, it is a good significator of love marriage.

Specific yogas are present

If study of 1st and 7th houses indicates navpanchamyog and saptamyog, then it is beneficial towards love marriage as well.

Specific planets are strong in marriage horoscope

The 5th house also indicates love. If Shukra (Venus) and Buddh( Mercury) are in the 5th house, if the lord of the 5th house is also in 7th house and vice versa, it again indicates fortunes and gains through love.The partners may come from an affluent family. Also, the life partner will be mature and it will be an advantage for the native.

Venus plays a very important role in deciding whether the marriage would be a love or an arranged one. Venus and Mars are two planets that need to be strongly placed for love to happen. This can lead to marriage only if there are beneficial planets in the 7th house which represents marriage.

The above factors are used to make love marriage prediction, in vedic astrology.

Love or arrange marriage calculator by astrology
The kundali matching of both the man and woman in love, need to be checked for marriage compatibility.

Gun Milan is done to check compatibility on all aspects and points are given accordingly, using Ashtakoot gun milan system. A score of 18 and above is considered good for marriage.

Manglik dosh is also checked to see if it can negatively impact the relationship in future.

Strength of auspicious planets for love such as Venus and their placements are checked. If they are debilitated, then the chances are negative for love marriage.

The yogas formed as a result of this union may be good or bad. Astrologers analyse these to see if this union will give the couple a good life or one which may be subject to lots of problems.

Even if there are no combinations representing love marriage in the janmakindali, if in the Navamasha Kundali, 7th lord and the 9th lord or 5th lord and 7th lord are in conjunction, the chances of a love marriage are 100%.

Moon should not be afflicted for a pure love and for conversion of that love into marriage.

If 7th lord is weak when Venus is debilitated; there are great chances that the native will not enjoy a happy marriage life. Many problems like separation, divorce, delay or denial in marriage, severe health problems and problems related to progeny may arise.

There are several astrological remedies and solutions to improve chances of getting a partner of ones choice, and also leading a happy marital life based on true compatibility. An experts study of your janma kundali can reveal to you what would work best for you in life.