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Multiple love relationships: Can astrology explain

How does a different planet affect the love related issues of a person?

Though marriage is very pure, many people get engaged in many affairs. As per the love astrology, an individual should not be blamed for it. It is because specific yogas are responsible for the marital affairs. When the Dasha of the lord of the ascendant is seen in the horoscope, a person falls in love. There are many other factors which make people fall in love. They are the sole reason behind your attraction towards someone. The 5th house in a Kundali deals with the love related issues.

When a person is affected by the presence of the 5th lord; he or she falls in love. It happens even when the respective planet is placed in the 5th house.  The astrologers study the kundli to check the possibility of love marriage. If the presence of the seventh lord is seen it is predicted that the people are in love. Or when it is experienced that the respective planet placed in the 7th house, it is a strong sign of being in love.

       Love Marriage Prediction

What kind of changes does a person go through?

It is the result of planetary position which leads to mood swings in a person. Although he is in love, the behavior tends to change. When a person undergoes the effect of planet mercury, he or she falls in love. Even the presence of Rahu leads to love affairs. The relationships formed as result are known to be more passionate. But there are strong chances of separation. Because of the effect of Rahu, a person becomes confused. And as a result, the relation does not last for a long time.

As per the love marriage astrology, a person needs love when he is in the presence of Venus. When a person quests for love, there is a strong influence of planet Venus. The respective person finds it difficult to live with love. He feels an urge to get a partner. When it comes to love, the moon is also a responsible planet. But it is a restless planet. So as a result of its presence, a person’s mind and heart cannot be controlled. A person feels it difficult to control his emotions. And among all the other planets, this is the strongest planet. It leads to the strongest chances of getting in love.

Is there any planet responsible for the negative result?

Love astrologers say that it is easier to fall in love. But it is not as easy to turn a love affair into a marriage. The 7th house is responsible for the marriage possibilities of a person. If the 7th house is not in relation to the 5th house or 9th house, love won’t be converted into marriage. The issues related to love and marriage is predetermined. They are already mentioned in the Janma Kundali. It is the presence of various planets in the horoscope which makes a person fall in love. The presence of 5th house in 9th house or vice versa leads to love marriage.

But it does not end after marriage. If the person’s horoscope felts the presence of 6th house, Love relationships fail. It leads to breakups or divorce. SO it is just falling in love, but to marry the love which is important. One can take a relief as it is possible to get love with the help of astrology. It is only the different placement of planets which compels a person to behave in such a manner

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