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Janam Kundali

Vedic Astrology uses your date, time and place of your birth to make your Janam Kundali.

Your Janam Kundali by date of birth and time is the chart that shows twelve different houses.

These twelve houses are believed to represent different aspects of your life.

Online Kundali making also shows the planetary positions in each of these twelve houses.

Each planet in a particular house would be effective to your life differently.

Your Janam Kundali in hindi would depict all about your life very clearly.

Useful/Benefits of Kundali making


Your Kundali suggests all about your life. It advices you about your education, career, family and even marriage. It helps you decide the right time to marriage and having kids. It helps you decide whether to start a business. It also helps you decide upon the type of business that best suits your planets in the janam kundali. It shows different ways to achieve different goals in lives. You can perform different astrology remedies to lessen the harmful effects of malefic planets that might bother you in your life.


Janam Kundali works this way

A careful analysis of your Kundali by an expert astrologer would guide all along your life issues. It can suggests you best timings of doing different things in life like education, job, business, marriage and kids.

For example

If you have a certain planet in your 10th or 1st house of the Kundali, it would impact your individual characteristics (mental and physical) and your professional aspects like business or job.


Each of your house depicts an aspect and each planet impacts that aspect of your life according to its own traits.

FIRST HOUSE - Self, dignity, nature.
SECOND HOUSE - Power and quality of speech, accumulated money
THIRD HOUSE - Communications, siblings, travel and writing.
FOURTH HOUSE - Home, vehicles, properties,
FIFTH HOUSE - Advice and counsel, children
SIXTH HOUSE - Accidents, anxiety, debt, diseases and enemies
SEVENTH HOUSE - Marriage, partnership, death, enjoyment
EIGHTH HOUSE - Accidents, bankruptcy, sexual organs
NINTH HOUSE - Affluence, good fortune, divinity, foreign travel
TENTH HOUSE - Authority, business, profession
ELEVENTH HOUSE - Desires, profits, easy money, income
TWELFTH HOUSE - Sleep and sex, foreign residency

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Most Asked Questions

Q.1 What does your Janam Kundali represent?

Ans. Your Janam Kundali has twelve houses in it. Each house represent different aspect of life.The houses are also resided by certain planets. Each planet impact a certain aspect of life represented by the house in which it resides.

Q.2 How do you find your ascendant sign in horoscope and what does it represent?

Ans. When you get your Janam Kundali made by expert astrologers in india you would see different numbers in each house of the planet chart. The number in the first house of the horoscope represent your ascendant sign.

Q.3 What are Yogas in the Janam Kundali by date of birth and time? What do these represent?

Ans. Yogas are nothing but combinations of two or more planets in the same or different houses. These Yogas represent certain situation in life where the native experience a certain kind of circumstance. These circumstances can be excess of money, excess of comfort, excess of poverty, excess of discomfort, excess of fame, excess of defame, excess of travel, excess of tension, excess of anything may be represented by a certain yoga.

Q.4 What is the representational difference between Lagna Chart, Moon Chart and Sun Chart?

Ans. Your Lagna Chart is the planet chart with your ascendant or rising sign in the first house. It represents your birth and its time. It also represents you basic characteristics. Your Moon chart is the planet chart when you consider the moon’s house as the first house. This chart represent your mind’s activity and your behavior in the society and family. Your Sun Chart is the chart where the house with Sun is considered as the rising sign or the first house. It represents your sun sign and your behavior towards elders, your father and any authority.


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