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Your Marriage Prospects, Timing, Compatibility and Remedies.

Is 2019 the lucky year for you, when you finally tie the knot with your life partner? You would be amazed to know that astrology can help you not only answer this question, but also give you much more detailed analysis on the marriage timing, compatibility with spouse along with suggested remedies for any obstacles.

Go ahead, and put smart astrology to use. The Akashvaani team has everything ready for you.
A study of the 7th house in your birth chart can answer this question.

              When Will Get Married  Get Answer
 Chances of marriage are high if Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Rahu are auspiciously placed in the 7th house. 
 Strongly placed lord of 2nd House (Kutumb sthan) and 11th Lord (fulfillment of desires) can signify marriage.
 There should not be any influence of malefic planets like Shani and Ketu who can delay marriage and cause many obstacles.

Will I have an early or late marriage in life?
This question can be answered by deeper study of the janam kundali
  Having only benefic planets is not enough, the dasha of the planet currently running in a person’s life also has a big role
  If one is not having various combinations of planets – forming specific ‘yog’ for marriage, it won’t happen inspite of effort
  Those have influence of Shani will face many obstacles and a very delayed marriage

Will I be compatible with my life-partner?
Astrology can answer this question in a scientific manner devised by ancient sages
  You can check your physical, emotional, and spiritual compatibility, friendship and quality of partnership, using the Ashtkoot guna milan.

  Comparitive study of both man and woman’s horoscope is done in this system. A score of 18 guna matching out of 36 is considered good for marriage. 
 Position of mangal or Mars is checked in the horoscope to see if either of the partners are manglik. Mars placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 10, and 12th house indicates manglik dosh. Compatibility and marriage harmony are deeply affected by mangal dosh. So, this dosh is critical to be checked.

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Detailed insights on marriage 

Not only this, you can also find out more on your spouse from astrology. For example:

  The direction indicated by the strongest planet in the 7th house can be the direction of spouse in astrology.

  Auspicious placement of planets like Guru (Jupiter) and Shukra (Venus) forecast good financials through marriage.

  Detailed positions of the planets and rashis are studied in the navamsha or D9 chart, to give all information related to marriage in a detailed way. business hotels in dubai

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Marriage related remedies
Vedic astrology not only pinpoints the cause, it also gives simple, effective and scientific remedies.
These include trying to harmonize the negative vibrations of planets through:
  Gemstone therapy
  Mantra chanting or sound vibrations
  Increase physiological, moral and spiritual power through   propitiation of specific dieties 
Our team can guide you towards manglik dosha solutions 
At Akashvaani, we believe that a mixture of counselling and smart astrology can bring tremendous benefits for a person. So, take up the future in your own hands and make 2019 a happening year for you!

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