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Kundali Matching Suggests Your Equation with Mother-in-Law

Relations had always played a crucial role in our lives. These relations go through a makeover when we go for the sacred relation of marriage. Marriage is considered a highly enduring relation that not only involves your spouse but a certain number of people. These people may include spouse’s siblings, mother, father or what not. One would always be uncertain with the nature of these relations with respect to him/her. This may be an important part of the married life and there comes the rescue, Kundali matching.

Especially your Mother-in-law would be a critical presence in your married life. Before marriage you would always be thoughtful of how would your equation with your mother-in-law be. Mother-in-law astrology has recently picked up pace when someone peruses Kundali Matching for marriage. Here we use certain methods of Kundali matching that would let you determine how sweet or rude your mother-in-law be. This is one of the features of our free Kundali Milan.

Determination of one’s equation with mother-in-law:

While we try to determine anything about our Mother-in-law from the native’s planet chart, we need to consider the relations of houses in the janam kundali. During Kundali matching generally we use the 7th house of the chart to decide upon matters regarding marriage for example nadi dosh in Kundali, successful marriages prediction, personal intimacy etc. Here we need to see the same house with respect to our spouse.

Your Moon can make your life peaceful:

In a native’s chart 4th house is considered to be of mother. The 4th house from 7th house is the 10th house. Take the native’s 10th house and see for the planet in this house. We have 10th house’s lord and 10th house’s planet. If this house is accommodating its own ruling planet or a friendly planet your Mother-in-law would be considerate in her behavior. She would be caring and loving if the planet is Moon. She would be bit ordering if the planet is just a friendly planet.

Are you ready to take orders?                                                                                                                           
Suppose your 10th house is occupied by Ketu. This planet will turn every love and care upside down. Your mother-in-law might just seem a commander to you. Both of you will be more often in gloves. On the other hand, if the planet in 10th house is an enemy or a malefic planet you might not even have the pleasure of having a mother-in-law’s care or attendance.

Keep your headphones along                                                                                                                                      
If your 10th house is occupied by Sun your Mother-in-law would be like head of the family. You won’t be able to change whatever she decides. If it is mercury your mother-in-law would be a chatterbox. Kundali reading has this situation for most of the cases.

Determination of one’s equation with Mother-in-law in case of a female native:

When we take a female native for this determination from Kundali prediction, her husband in the planet chart is Jupiter. The position of Jupiter is considered to determine the nature of her mother-in-law. The 4th house from native’s Jupiter in the planet chart would be considered. See the planets present in this house. The affect of the planetary positions would be almost same in the case of a female native.

Determination of one’s equation with Mother-in-law on the basis of presence of ‘Dashmesh’:

Your mother-in-law is like your mother                                                                                                                
Dashmesh is the Sanskrit name of the lord of 10th house. The position of Dashmesh in janam Kundali also denotes the relation of in-laws. In each house that Dashmesh travels, it keeps changing the traits of your in-laws. If Dashmesh exists in any house from 1st to 4th, your mother-in-law would resemble your family members respectively.

Wonder if your Mother-in-law is as you wish                                                                                                           
If Dashmesh exists in 5th house then Mother-in-law would be exactly as you wish. In 6th house Mother-in-law would be helpful and she would treat you as your family treats you. Similarly if Dashmesh is in the house of your spouse, your Mother-in-law will be considerate like your wife. So be careful what you wish for. In 8th house, that is house of your secrets; your mother-in-law will never reveal any of your secret.

You’re in trouble                                                                                                                                                    Except in 12th house your mother-in-law would be all good and helping but in 12th house your mother-in-law would be a trouble for you.

Remedies to make your relation with Mother-in-law fruitful according to Kundali matching:

On a Tuesday night, make a Diya out of cows dung and light it with mustard oil. Place this lit diya in the center of your main entrance. This is generally a post marriage remedy. Another remedy is to take dry coconut and tie a red thread around it on a Tuesday. Place the coconut in your prayer room and burn this coconut along with the thread in the evening. Do this for nine days starting any Tuesday. Lastly, experts reading marriage kundali also advise natives to generally respect their elders. This would make the malefic planets calm and peaceful.

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