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I am in love but obstacles are coming in marriage, remedies for success?

It is obvious to face obstacles in the path of success either it is in the path of career or love. It’s a universal truth, without pain there is no gain. This fact completely goes with the love relationship. When two people fall in love with each other and want to get married but they face problems. These problems could be anything like parents denying for their marriage, society don’t allow then to live together, and astrological issues. I am here to tell about the astrological remedies because it is a vast science and an astrologer will have all the answers related to your question but he/she can’t able to give you solution related to parents and society issue.

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I am here going to discuss about the remedies for astrological issues that will going to help you in your love life. If parents are creating problem try to talk to then but if there is an astrological issue must try these remedies in the guidance of an astrologer. However, always remember patience and love are the best remedy.

  • One should offer prayer to god especially lord Shiva and Parvati for happy married life and to marry your loved one.

  • On Thursday at fortnight when moon is waning, chant OM Laxmi Narayana Namah mantra on crystal garland with 108 crystals. Repeat it 3 times means 180 * 3 in from the god Vishnu and goddess Laxmi, also offer sweets every Thursday for 3 months continuously.  

  • Offering a flute and betel leaves to lord Krishna will help in some ways

  • Worship the lord of love means Venus and wear stone for love if necessary

  • Offer rudra-abhishek with honey to the lord Shiva. He will bless you with the one you desire of.

  • Girls can keep fast of 16 Mondays for desired husband

  • Wearing opal and diamond helps love and relationship problems

  • A girl can wear a yellow dress on Thursdays and on Friday, she can wear while color dress, and should wear bangles (Green in color) on Thursday.

  • If a boy wants to marry his lover, he should wear emerald. It will help him in both love a well as in career.

  • Couple can keep rabbit as pet in their home and feed them regularly by their own hand

  • Worship moon for success in love life

  • If you want to win someone’s heart then offer red shawl to ma Durga’s idol and pray for the success of the love life.

  • To get married your lover, you should wear twin-bead rudraksh inscribed in white gold in the fortnight when the moon is waning.

  • If the both girl and boy or with one of them suffering from mangal dosh can seek the consultation of an astrologer for its remedy.

  • The planet resides in 7th house of the horoscope of both boy and girl shows peace and love after marriage.

  • Never gift black and pointed objects to one another, it brings sourness in relationship.

  • One can gift American diamond to the loved one but it should never be black or blue.

  • A couple in love should always meet on the full moon day or n Friday. If Friday happen to be full moon night, it is very auspicious to meet that day.

Here above are the remedies for the love marriage but do consult an astrologer because there may be some planetary position issues in your kundali. The 7th house denote the marriage and 5th house denote love and malefic planet residing in these houses may bring bad effect in marriage.

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