Emotional bonding with spouse

How Astrology Predicts: Emotional Bonding with Spouse

In love or arranged marriage continued success happens only due to strong emotional bonding between the couple. We hear far too often of people who have lost interest in their partners saying they have drifted apart emotionally, or that they are no longer interested in the other person.

This shows that some of the finer feelings like trust, mutual respect, sympathy, care, concern, tolerance and above all love is missing in the relationship. Every relationship has to be invested with time and cultivated with deep love to flourish.

On the other hand, who have best kundali milan, and who have been married for 30, 40, 50 years and more. They enjoy a beautiful friendship, emotional bonding and can even complete each other’s sentences!

What then is the magic element in their marriage horoscope  and how is it that some relationships are maintained beautifully while others go out of balance? A look at one’s janma kundali can help reveal interesting answers to this for you.

Indications for strong emotional bonding are:

Well-placed houses

  • As per Vedic astrology the 7th house in a birth chart is the main house of marriage. In general, the 7th house and its lord must be free of malefic planetary influences
  • Second house is responsible for overall family life should be analyzed.
  • The 5th house is the house of romance, love, progeny, state of mind and emotions and intellect. This should be analyzed.
  • A relation between 7th and 5th house can usher in romantic feelings, important for emotional bonding

Planetary influences

  • The planet Venus which signifies the fine loving feelings in a person, must be not under malefic influences such as Mars etc. It must be strong and well-placed
  • Moon also plays an important role, and its position is important as it handles emotions. Its association with Rahu, Saturn or any such malefic planet can give rise to domestic disturbances, doubts and anxieties. Moon signifies motherly feelings and love. Its positioning can increase the nurturing aspect or if malefic and affected emotions can run dry
  • Condition of Mercury should be analyzed as a condition of Mercury indicates the level of communication and tolerance between the couple. Communication is key in all relationships.

Strong mercury in mutual horoscopes indicates more time for enjoying and growing the relationship through free communication.

  • Position of planets such as Sun also need to be checked. Sun – signifies pride, inspiration, ego and leadership. Does the man have authoritative nature or does the woman lead in the relationship?
  • Mars signifies action and warrior spirit. Its wrong positioning can create arguments and temper troubles among the spouses
  • An auspiciously placed Jupiter endows wisdom and good thinking for relationship

Ongoing dashas

  • Ongoing Antardashas and Mahadashas in the lives of both should be taken into consideration by analyzing their horoscopes. Because sometimes it has been observed that marriage done in dasha of some bad planet either in boy's or girl's life affects married life negatively.

Simple remedies for increasing auspiciousness and bonding in relationship:

  • Husband & Wife both can worship lord Shiva & Parvati and increase devotion.
  • A wife’s standing position per scriptures is on the left side of the husband.  Being aware of this is consideration gives significant results.
  • Wife should chant “Durga Chalisa” for a happy & prosperous life. It is recommended to wear gold bangles and mangalsutra at all times, for overall auspiciousness.
  • Wipe floor with salt water daily or at least once a week, to reduce the negative energy.
  • Various mantras pertaining to improving relationships and reducing negative energy of arguments can be said as per astrologers advise.

In summary emotional bonding in a relationship depends upon many factors, such as one’s own nature and personality and the planetary positions in one’s janma kundali . The malefic and negative influences of Rahu, Shani etc. on the planets, can cause minimal to severe disturbances for a short or long-drawn period putting stress on the relationship.

One must consult an expert astrologer to look at remedies for strengthening emotional bond, which is the bedrock of a relationship.

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