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Can astrology answers about if I am going to have a love marriage or arranged marriage?

Everybody has someone in his/her life and he or she wants to marry his or her partner. They always ask a question about their marriage type. Whether they are going to have love marriage or arranged marriage? In India, parents dominate and take all the decision of their kid’s marriage. Therefore, people are always looking for an astrologer to get their horoscope reading. The motion of the planets decides the time of the marriage and type of marriage.

As per the Vedic astrology, one can get the exact time, place, visible nature of the spouse, and initial of the spouse name by birth chart reading. In addition, an astrologer can tell you about the inter-cast marriage, love marriage, inter-religion marriage, hassle-free marriage etc as well as can suggest you the accurate and constructive solution to get the desired result. If you are going to have love marriage then an astrologer can also tell you about the prospective hurdles such as:

•    Family objections in love marriage

•    Low financial or social status that causing obstacles in marriage

•    Maitri Milan or compatibility matching because attraction towards physical is common

•    Commitment towards husband and wife along with family

•    Frequent change or personal choice of priorities

How does Vedic Astrology work in marriage?

Let us say, a couple who are in love says that they have all the capabilities to intact their relation and they will never be apart for whole life. At time comes, when you are completely in love and you are not able to witness the shortcomings in your lover’s life, and you are totally indulged into each other that you do not come across the other things in life. In this case, the family members have involved especially elders, they will give you advice, show path so that your marriage will be successful.

However, astrology can give you the better solution; it will show the favorable combination of the planets, will those planets help in love marriage? While analyzing the navamsha Kundli, an astrologer can tell the conditions of the planet that is on the favorable side. Along with Venus, the place of Jupiter planet is also considered.  Here some combinations are:

• As per an astrology, 5th house shows the love and romance and 7th house represents the spouse

•    Relation of the 5th house’s lord and the 7th house’s lord results in love marriage while transiting

•    This is possible due to the exchange of house’s lord or may be from side-to-side aspect

•    Jupiter is the main planet that denotes marriage in someone’s Kundli. Marriage is stable if above planets have the combination with Jupiter, a benefic planet.

•    If any malefic planet is there then marriage may have trouble and if love relation lacks in faith then it will definitely end up in court.

•    If planets mars, Rahu, and Ketu are present then no marriage is possible either love or arranged and marriage happened, it will result in disharmony and divorce.

How to calculate love marriage in Astrology?

Above are the conditions of marriage either it is going to happen or not. Now, as per the astrology, the planet Venus is known as the love planet. In the birth chart, if planet Venus is with ascendant and placed in the houses like 5th, 7th, and 11th, then it denotes romance. It brings love in life either before marriage or after marriage. Now, look at the horoscope that denotes that person will have the love marriage.

•    The fifth house stands for love  and seventh house represents marriage

•    The combination of the 5th house lord and the 7th house lord results in love marriage with the help of Jupiter, a benefic planet.

For Quick marriage

There are other aspects of marriage in the kundali, if the planet Saturn is in a neutral house in the navamsha kundli, a person will get married soon. Moreover, if the moon is in 7th, 2nd,10th, 6th, and in 11th house with Jupiter, then it shows quick marriage.

Prosperity in marriage

If the 7th lord and the Venus are in 3rd, 10th, 6th, and 11th houses of the kundali then this arrangement brings happiness and prosperity in the married life. Apart from this combination, if the Venus and the 7th lord are with the Lagna lord means 2nd lord or the moon, then this brings prosperity after marriage.

Late in Marriage

If the malefic 8th lord features the Lagna of the 7th lord, or the malefic planet is the 8th lord, then it results in late marriage.

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