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5 Predictions from Marriage House in Astrology

The 7 th house of marriage reveals many secrets!
Did you know that each house of astrology can reveal a great deal about every aspect of your
life? The 7 th house of your birth chart can give many details related to marriage.

Predicts timing of marriage – early or delayed
If auspicious planets such as Moon and Mercury are in 7th house, they bring early marriage, in
age range of 18 to 20. Moon, Jupiter and Venus in strong positions help marriage to occur at the
correct time.

Any affliction to 7th house, its owner and malefic planetary influences can cause late marriage.
Mars in 7th house creates a lag for marriage. Shani delays marriage to post 30, and presence of
Rahu can take the marriage age to over 30 also.

The presence of certain auspicious planets in your kundali and their position, aspect towards
7th house, can give many insights about your spouse in advance such as

  • Character
  • Age
  • Physical features
  • Career

Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus indicate partner of good personality and appropriate age.
Sun indicates good-looking spouse with charismatic personality, employed in private service.
Malefic Saturn indicates spouse as average looking, much older with more than 7-years of age
gap. Moon indicates spouse of calm nature. Mars indicates spouse of short height, but a
stronger personality, bit aggressive, intelligent and family-oriented.

Predicts love marriage or arranged marriage.
The 1st house is indicative of personality and the 7th house is indicative of one’s life partner. If
the lord of 1st and the 7th house are sitting in each other’s houses, it is a good significator of
love marriage.

The 5th house also indicates love. If Shukra (Venus) and Buddh (Mercury) are in the 5th house,
if lord of the 5th house is also in 7th house and vice versa, it again indicates strong chances of
love marriage otherwise not!
Want to know what’s in store for you?

Predicts if there would be a second marriage
Sometimes, it is possible for a person to remarry. The ascendant or 1st house reveals nature of
one’s personality, the 2nd house indicates longevity of spouse and nature of family life. The 7th
house and its lord reveals if there would be any lawsuits related to matrimony, and 9th house is
significator of 2nd marriage.
Various combinations of the above factors, along with 7th house falling into dual signs and
malefic influences are some of the signs for a remarriage.

Predicts location after marriage
Among other factors, presence of specific rashis in the 7th house indicate whether one will
move away from one’s native, remain close to family or move abroad and settle there.

  • Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius in 7th house, indicate shift to a new city after marriage. Moon, Venus and Jupiter in 7th house, indicate marriage into a family close to birth place
  • If lord of 7th house has shifted to any other house such as 8th or 6th, then marriage proposal from overseas and settlement abroad is possible

Your birth chart can help you understand many other interesting things about life in general. We
recommend that everyone should use astrology as a tool to move forward in life and create their
best destiny. Take the step today and get connected to our expert astrologers.

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