Why so many breakups in my chart and not able to find good relationships according to astrology.

Why so many breakups in my chart and not able to find good relationships according to astrology.

Since ancient times, there have been people falling in love with each other. In today’s world, there has been an increase in love relationships and love marriagesdue to people of different sexes comingtogether due to education and also at work places. There are times when a person may not be happy at all in spite of falling in a love relationshipand having a love marriage.  The dreams the couple have had together result in a failure, there are lots of quarrels amongst themselves and they start distrusting the partner. This leads to breakups between the couple as the love relationship does not work.

First of all, before marriage, they should have had a love marriage prediction done to know if their horoscopes match. Now, they have to find out the reason from the horoscope why the love relationship is failing more than once.

At such times, it is the study of the horoscope to find out the relationship prediction by date of birth which has to be done by an expert astrologer.

Let’s see some of the reasons why there is failure in love relationships as per astrology.


  • Mars with Venus in the 3rd House can give rise to extramarital relations.
  • A weak 4th House with the presence of a lowly planet in it.
  • Ketu is one of the planets and if found in the 5th Houseand in relationship with the 5th Lord or Venus, it can be one of the reasons for a relationship to break.
  • Also, the Sun if found in the 5th House will give Ego problems which could make a relation break. If 5th House is afflicted and the 7th Lord is not supporting it, there could be issues of relationship breaks, love failure and rejection by the partner. Also relationship problems are experienced if it is under the influence of lowly planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Mars.
  • Presence of Saturn in the 5th House and in combination with the 5th Lord or Venus could lead to problems in love relationship.
  • The presence of Rahu, Mars or Venus in the 6th House can bring relationship breakups.
  • If the 7th House has low planets in it, it could lead to break in relations.
  • 8th House is also one of the Houses which shows selfishness and brings breaks to long term relationships. Presence of Saturn in the 8th House and in combination with 8th Lord or Venus can bring problems in relationship.
  • Venus if the planet which indicates love and relationship. So, if Venus is weak, it leads to relationship breaks. A combination of Venus and Mars, Venus and Rahu, Venus and Saturn lead to relationship breakups. If Saturn and Venus relate in any way in the Navamsa or Janma Kundli, more than one relationship is foreseen. Venus and Saturn combination in 6th or 12th House gives indicator of multiple relationships.
  • The sign of Libra having negative planets in it, like the Sun in lowly state, can make an individual lose their partner.
  • Another reason for breakups may be the Punarpoo Yoga.  This is a Dosha or problem in the horoscope which would create problems in the love life of an individual. This Dosha occurs when the Saturn is in connection with the moon in any way and also if Saturn or Moon is positioned in the 7th Lord. This Dosha usually recedes after the age of 30.




  • The presence of a lowly planet like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Sun in combination with the Moon.
  • The presence of the Moon alone in any House and absolutely no planets in the adjoining Houses.
  • The combination of the Moon with the Sun.
  • If the moon is weak in a birth chart or positioned in a weak chart.
  • If planets in a horoscope like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are together with the Moon.
  • If the ascendant planet and the Moon are negative due to the influence of the planets which are naturally low.
  •  If the Moon is in conjunction with two lowly planets.
  • If the placement of Moon is bad in the 6th,8th and 12th House.

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