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Who can wear Italian coral? What is the situation when an astrologer suggests you Italian coral gemstones?

Italian coral gemstone is also known as moonga or corallum rubrum. Red coral is organic gemstones which are formed from the skeleton of polyps found underneath the ocean. The best quality of coral is found in Italia and Japan Ocean. Italian coral (Moonga) represents the planet, Mars. Mars is called as Mangal Graha and it is known as commander in chief and God of war energy.

Wearing Italian coral gemstone brings fame, name and good luck as it carries the mythical power of the planet Mars. It helps in removing obstacles in life and brings positive attitude, courage, and self-confidence in a person. It also helps in achieving good marks or clearing competitive exams. You can read below to clarify on more questions related to Moonga and its benefits.

Benefits of wearing Italian Coral Gemstone (Moonga)

  1. Wearing Italian coral removes the malefic effect caused by Mars called Mangal Dosha or Manglik dosh that leads to delay in marriage.

  2. It decreases laziness in a person and increases energy. Helps in turning inactive person active.

  3. People who have bad dreams or nightmares can wear this as it helps to overcome them.

  4. It helps to avoid the evil eye, influence from black magic, enemies, protects against injury and accidents.

  5. Helps in getting stability in life in terms of health, finance, career, and marriage.

  6. It helps in curing piles, fever, smallpox, measles, chicken pox, bronchitis, and pneumonia. It also protects against wounds or cuts as it purifies the blood.

  7. It also prevents the miscarriage if a pregnant woman wears it.

Italian coral Price in India

Italian coral price is based on the quality, shape, size, cut, polish, purity etc. Natural red Italian coral price ranges from Rs.300 – 2000 per carat. Japanese red coral price ranges from Rs.1000– 5000 per carat. Triangular red coral price ranges from Rs.500 – 3000 per carat. Round and oval red coral price range from Rs.1000 – 3000 per carat.

Italian coral Gemstone

The Italian coral is of two types. Calcareous corals – It comes in reds, pink and white and is composed of calcite. Conchiolin coral - which is less brittle and made of conchiolin a similar substance that is in other shells and pearls. Corallicum rubrum which has the noble red color is the most attractive coral. Italian red coral jewelry has distinct feature and looks for platinum, silver or gold jewelry. Italian red coral necklace is made of corals which are old and grow as they are perfect.

Who can wear Italian coral?

Italian coral should be worn after consulting with an expert astrologer and under their guidance or supervision or it can cause the negative impact. The moonga gemstone should be activated with the Mangal Deva Mantra before wearing it. It must be worn on the ring finger of your right hand. There are six ascendants that are recommended highly to wear this stone. They are Aries ascendant, Cancer ascendant, Leo ascendant, Scorpio ascendant, Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant.

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