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When should you go for Early marriage & when for Late marriage? Explain astrologically.

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Marriage is an important decision a person makes in there life. In the current world, a majority of the people prefer to marry late and focus more on their careers. As opposed to the olden days, where early marriages were more appreciated and accepted.

There has been a major debate of the advantages of marrying early or late in life. We can understand both the perspective considering astrological aspect for each of it.

As per marriage astrology, there are two planets which have an influence on someone's marriage. Venus and Jupiter's position in the chart signifies if a person will marry early or late.

Further, we will discuss astrological aspects of early and late marriages.

Signs of an early marriage as per astrology

Below are some signs when observing marriage astrology to know the chances of early marriage:

  1. Venus, Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter are benefic planets which when in the chart is a sign of a happy early marriage.

  2. Venus presence in zodiacs of Gemini, Taurus, Libra, and Pisces when strong gives a positive sign to go for early marriage.

  3. The presence of strong 7th Lord in 11th house is good. But if it is in retrograde then it is not the sign of a healthy marriage.

  4. Upapada and Darakaraka's presence and strength are essential to consider for a beneficial sign of an early marriage.

  5. Do check your marriage horoscope to learn about the conjunction with Venus and Mars for a healthy early marriage.

  6. A strong and good 9th house signifies to consider an opportunity for an early marriage.

  7. The angular aspect of 7th House from moon and Venus is good to consider for an early marriage.

  8. When Venus is in 2nd house and the presence of 7th Lord in 11th house leads to early marriage.

Signs of a late marriage as per astrology

When making a marriage prediction for a person, one can see many reasons for a person's late marriage. Below we will look into those factors which may indicate the sign of late marriage:

  1. Mars is considered to be an important planet for a marriage. If Mars is in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house then it is said to have Mangal Dosha. Which is said to be the reason for late marriage.

  2. When making a marriage prediction, check for Kalathra dosha. It means to check the position of Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu's position in the 7th house. Which shows the reasons for delayed marriage.

  3. Another factor impactful is Antardasha of Rahu and Saturn in 8th house.

  4. If there is Pitra Dosha in your kundali then the chances of late marriage become high.

  5. When looking into a marriage horoscope, in the Navamsa chart presence of afflicted Venus can be another reason.

  6. 2nd house is related to the family. When malefic planets reside 2nd house increases the chances of delayed marriage.

  7. Another factor is a combination of Saturn with Moon and Sun in a 7th house without the presence of any benefic planet.

  8. The missing aspect of Shubh Graha, which happens when there are malefic planets in 7th house along with Saturn.

  9. The sign of Sampastak yoga which is the combination of Saturn and Moon in 7th house of the birth chart is another sign of late marriage.

Getting your astrological charts checked will give you a fair idea of your chances of early or late marriage. If in case, you have the signs of a late marriage in your birth chart, then consult an astrologer for remedies which can help for a marriage of early chances.