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What can Astrology Suggest Relationship with your in-laws Family Members?

In our society, marriage is considered a strong bond between a woman and a man. It is a sacred agreement that involves not just the couple, but also the families of both the sides. Everyone wishes for a successful and joyful marriage and for this reason most of the marriages are done after matching kundli horoscope.

But sometimes close family members can cause disharmony and discomfort in a relationship. And one of the major problems results because of troubling and annoying in-laws. While not in-laws are the same, but most of them are. But the good thing is that proper marriage kundli milan and astrology can help resolve the problem.

Astrology Reasons for Troubles with In-Laws

  • If there are troubles in the natives 9th, 11th, and 10th house then this forms the Pap Katri Yoga, which results in problems with mother-in-law. When there is Moon and Rahu combination in the 10th house then the natives will never have a cordial relationship with the mother-in-law.

  • The 4th house of the lord is not placed in correct position then there is always discomfort among the family members. When there is pitrudosh in such homes and the Mangal of the girl is weak, then also conflict occurs with in-laws.

  • When Rahu affects Moon and the main planets in janam kundli then two persons always criticize each other. They taunt each other and avoid giving each other respect. Women having a habit of dominating others are never able to become good mother-in-laws. When Moon-Saturn and Moon-Ketu lead to adverse effects in the kundli of a person then they cannot become good mother-in-law and wife.

  • Another astrology reason causing disturbance in relationships is when a girl has harassed a widow, pregnant woman, or stolen someone’s money in the past birth. In this case there are always issues between mother-in-law and woman.

  • Another reason for conflict with in-laws as per astrology kundli of a person is when a woman has weak Mercury and Mars. While those with weak Mercury and Rahu or Ketu affecting the planets are not able to gain a good prestige in the home.

  • When the second place is weak in a girl’s marriage kundli then her mother-in-law is jealous of her beauty and education. She even dislikes everything done by her. Also, the mother-in-law always intervenes in her life and does not offer him any emotional support.

Astrology Solutions or Remedies for problems with in-Laws

If you are experiencing problem with your in-laws and other family members despite kundli milan by name then here are some remedies that can be practiced.

  1. Offer raw turmeric pieces, copper coins, and yellow gram lentils to in-laws four days before the day of marriage. All these are symbols of good health to the family. Practicing such things before leaving your husband’s house will help you live a life full of happiness and joy.

  2. Another great astrology remedy to solve issues with your in-laws is to clean the kitchen yourself. This might sound little odd to you but it helps developing strong relationships with the person. Also, serving tea to your in-laws will offer tremendous strength to develop strong relationships with in-laws.

  3. Some families regularly experience perennial discords to ensure that such disputes do not happen then it is important to plant trees to the entrance gate. This will result in harmony and peace in the family.

  4. In some situations, husbands can be at times very angry on slight issues or in that case without any reasons. In such situation the wife is advised to carry jiggery, salt, and two silver coins during the fortnight moon particularly on Tuesday, Monday, and Sunday and hide them in the house. Soon she will begin noticing changes in her husband.

Besides these astrology solutions it is essential to give space to everyone in order to develop healthy relationships with them. Avoid interfering with other people and try to adjust with each other in order to resolve the problems. Above than this, make sure your home holds a tulsi plant at the entrance, you serve food to birds and crow and as these are some little yet effective measures that are famous to bring peace and prosperity in home.

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