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Second Marriage and manglik dosh connection

Marriage can be a smooth and easy ride, or a rough and difficult road, depending on a number of various factors. In Hindu superstition, astrology can play a huge role in determining the future outcome of a marriage. One of the factors which play a big role in determining the future outcome of a marriage is Manglik Dosh.

What is Manglik Dosh?

There are 12 houses and 9 planets in Vedic astrology. One of the main planets is considered to be Mars. Manglik Dosh refers to the ill effects that the presence of Mars can cause in someone’s relationships and marriage.

   Manglik dosha effect on Marriage & career

How do you determine if someone has Manglik Dosh?

The horoscope of every person has 12 houses. If the planet Mars is found to be present in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th and 12th houses of his chart, it indicates the presence of a Manglik Dosh. The person is then said to be a Manglik.

What are some of the features of Manglik Dosh?

  • Manglik Dosh is present in both men as well as women.

  • One of the beliefs revolves around the superstition that those individuals who had treated their partners badly in their previous births, now suffer from Manglik Dosh.

  • The most severe belief states that the spouse of a Manglik may suffer from horrible, life threatening conditions and even death. The marriage of a Manglik with a non Manglik is set for inevitable doom. The less severe of the beliefs around a Manglik states that there will be a lot of delays in the marriage of the Manglik person.

  • Some of the character traits of a Manglik person state that they are inherently short tempered, fiery and argumentative. This could be due to the presence of Mars in their lagna charts, which is a hot and fiery planet.

The placement of Mars in the houses and their ill effects:

  1. Mars in the 1st house- Conflicts, fights and arguments sprout soon after marriage

  2. Mars in the 2nd house- A troubled marriage life and problems with the person’s career.

  3. Mars in the 4th house- Problems and even failure in the person’s professional life.

  4. Mars in the 7th house- The Manglik is ill tempered, abusive and even physically violent towards their spouse.

  5. Mars in the 8th house- The elders of the Manglik’s house may disown the individual, and chances of them losing their share of their families inheritance.

  6. Mars in the 10th house- Several psychotic problems which may eventually result in financial loss.

What is the connection between Manglik Dosh and second marriage?

There are several malefic results that can occur if a person is married to a manglik. The word Manglik itself can often scare off potential marriage partners. It is often said that if a Manglik person marries another Manglik, often, the negative characteristics would cut each other out, thus resulting in a smooth marriage. A Manglik person getting married to a Non Manglik person however, would lead to eventual doom.

For this reason, it if often seen that if a Manglik person would want to marry someone, the person is first allotted to get married to a tree. This would transfer all the ill results of the first marriage on to the tree, and thus allow the second marriage of the person to be a success.

However, if this is thought about in a more logical sense, the conclusion might seem like something that could be made sense of. The main effect of a Manglik person is their outlook towards a relationship, and their innate characteristics. A manglik person is one who is easily angered, has a short temper and can be very argumentative. They might also be domineering, even abusive in their marriage. Their outlook towards a relationship and marriage is a more independent, free one.

If a Manglik person chooses another Manglik to marry, astrologers predict that the marriage would be a smoother, more successful one than if they were to marry a non manglik person. The logical reasoning behind this explanation would be, that two people who share the same character traits would be able to understand each other better. They would share the same sense of independence and freedom in a marriage, and would understand each other’s nature and characteristics that much better.

A second marriage of a Manglik person might also help them learn from the mistakes of their first marriage. They would be more intuitive and understanding, however this completely depends on the individual himself, and not his connections with Mangal Dosh.

In case a manglik individual would want to marry a non manglik for their second marriage, the marriage would be a success only if the non manglik person were to understand and adjust with the characteristics of the other person, primarily their need for individuality, space and freedom, even in the context of a long term monogamous relationship and marriage.

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