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Right Time for Planning the next Child

The prospect of a child is looked forward to with great anticipation and excitement in any family. After marriage, starting a family comes to the mind of the couple sooner or later. In many cases, people want to have children very soon, while others put it off for a few years. Some of the criteria like one’s mental and physical health, age, financial status, family support etc. are all reasons people have to consider before deciding that it’s the right time to start a family. However, what happens next is not really under one’s control. People begin to plan for the child, and when they don’t see any outcome, soon doubts, dejections and even depression starts setting in. Some people go in for costly treatment options in medical science, and others consult alternative means to increase their chances. Either way, the effort to conceive the child goes on. Can astrology play a role during this time, of planning for a child?

The answer to that is most definitely, astrology can help one understand if the time period chosen for planning the child is good or bad, and whether positive results can be expected. Nowadays there are online pregnancy calculators, which can answer the question “When will I get pregnant”, and that can give you information on the best timing for children as per your chart.

With basic information such as each of the partner’s date of birth, time of birth and location of birth, their janam kundali or natal chart can be studied. The expert astrologer can answer some of the most important questions related to prospect of children for the couple. Vedic astrology is so advanced and detailed, that it can even recommend the best timing when the chances are best for conception of a healthy child. This is otherwise not possible through medical science. Let us take a look at exactly how astrology can help you in this regard, and what are the signs that astrologers look for in a pregnancy horoscope, while consulting for progeny.

Here are some guidelines for planning pregnancy:

Each janam kundali is divided into 12 houses with each house representing different aspects of a person’s life.

  • For childbirth, the first, fifth and ninth houses or their lords of the horoscope are analyzed.  The ascendant, navamsa and saptamsa divisional charts are also considered, as one needs to correlate the findings from the main charts in the divisional charts also.
  • For the birth of child both fifth and ninth houses are observed but for conception only fifth house is analyzed.
  • In general, the status of 5th house in kundli is quite important. If this house has good and positive planets, then the couple have huge chances of having a healthy baby. The planets facing this house, impact of other planets on this house, and power and position of this house determine the “santan praapti yog”.

Timing of conception:

An astrologer acts as a guide by examining a woman’s chart and guiding her as to when there is a high likelihood in the astrological timing of pregnancy.

Vedic astrology can recommend actual periods or shubh muhurats for the period one can take advantage of for trying to conceive children. These periods are highly auspicious and boost the chances of having a healthy child.

For conceiving, a woman few important transits have to occur as 

1. Ascendant lord transiting over fifth or seventh house and 

2. Fifth lord and ninth lord transiting over ascendant. 

3. Transit of Saturn over fifth or ninth house.

4. Transit of Jupiter over fifth house or fifth lord.

Among many other parameters' aspect of transiting mars over the fifth house or on the lord of the fifth house is an important one.

The astrologer would also study the position of Guru and Guru has to be graceful to one for begetting a child. If you have the santaan karak placed and transitting favourably, then you are bound to be blessed.

Problems in conception

Malefic planets like Saturn, mars, sun, rahu and ketu affecting the fifth house or its lord causes problems in conception. The first house and lord must be clear of any negative effects, indicating robust health and strong desire to bear a child.

Astrology online can prove to an authentic and credible planning tool, that you can make use of for one of the most important aspects of your life – planning a child.

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