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Not Able to Move on After Breakup. Can Astrology Suggest Reasons and Help Me Get Out?

When a person experiences a breakup, then he or she gets completely devastated and heart-broken. But with love astrology solution it is possible to overcome breakup and emotional havoc smoothly.

Just like most of the others, even I was a person who used to take time to overcome any event or unpleasing situation. Any hurtful situation would use to leave me in pain and tears. Even my breakup ended with me lots of pain. But astrology helped me to overcome this problem and lead a happy life.

With astrology it is possible to predict changes in a person’s life. It is possible to know how each day, month, and year in a person’ life will be. If you are suffering from any discomfort due to relationship problem involved with lots of desires, aspirations, and emotions, then astrology can help you to overcome the situation smoothly.

According to love marriage astrology horoscope planets like Rahu and Mars, greatly influence the birth chart. In addition to this, Venus and Jupiter can also lead to breakup of a relationship. But no matter what the reason is, it is essential to keep in check your emotions and understand that such things happen due to changes in planetary positions. With positive energy obtained through astrology remedies it is possible to combat the depression with ease. With help of astrology and the horoscope chart it is possible to know about stress, depression, and other types of failures in a person’s life.

Astrology Reasons for Breakup

Some of the reasons in astrology for breakup are:

  • When the Moon is in line with other troubling planets like Rahu, Sun, Mars, and Saturn

  • When there is only Moon in the house and no other planets are there on either side

  • When the power of Moon is overshadowed by Sun

  • When Moon is troubling in birth chart and positioned in the malefic house

  • When Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are conjoined in the Moon horoscope

  • When the 4th House is weak and there is no power or presence of the malefic planet

  • When Moon is positioned between two malefic planets

  • When Moon is in bad position in the 6th, 12th, and 8th house of the horoscope

These are some of the combinations in love astrology that can lead to break up in a relationship. Based on your problem, astrology can offer you with remedies too, such as worshiping Lord Shiva, keeping fast on a specific day, offering water to the plants, and more other.

Astrology Remedies to Help Overcome Stress and Emotional Depression Related to Breakup

  1. According to astrology, Moon is an important planet that causes depression and problems in a person’s life. When Moon is ill-placed in the birth chart then it can lead to stressful problems within a person. The best remedy to combat this problem is to worship the Lord of Moon planet.

  2. Another possible cause of depression, loss of money, love failure, and disturbances in a relationship can occur because of Rahu and Ketu. In order to overcome such a situation, it is essential to worship Lord Ganesha. It is believed that Lord Ganesha can help you combat all stressful situations with ease.

  3. Worshipping goddess Durga is another great remedy to bring positivity in your life and get rid of all types of emotional stress and problems. If you are experiencing too much negativity in your life then this is an excellent remedy to perform.

  4. Watering plants, offering food to birds and animals, as well as keeping the house clean and dust free are other ways to bring positivity in life and smoothly overcome the problem and stress associated to breakup.

Love astrology and Vedic astrology can help you understand the situation in a better way. It can even offer you with proper solutions based on different planetary movements and birth stars. While the truth is that astrology can offer you with best solutions to problems but this does not mean that the problem will never occur. Life is changing every time and with your own conscious attempts and positivity, it is possible to get the desired results and combat even the most stressful situation with ease.

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