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Migraine: Astrological Causes and Remedies

Janam kundli is a deciding factor of your future life. By checking it properly you can avoid most problems. Astrologers can suggest solution for all your doshas. So, you can reduce the effect of most serious issues. By reading your janam kundli an astrologer can predict everything in your future. Things like education, marriage, death, accidents and many other things.

Medical astrology is a separate astrology branch that uses your horoscope to identify weak areas of body. They can read the reason of your illness and give solution for that. But there only few people who can handle medical astrology. So, its difficult to find a good astrologer in this area

What is migraine?

Migraine is a difficult situation to overcome. It’s a severe head ache that happens due sensitivity to light, sound, flashes of light etc.  Head ache is a common problem. The reason behind it could be indigestion, gas formation or due to some underlying disease. Reason behind migraine is enlarged blood vessels. This vessel produces some chemicals from nerve fiber surrounding blood vessels. This pressure causes migraine

According to health astrology there are many reason for head ache. Different planets control each body function. By reading kundli an astrologer can predict which are weak and strong. He can identify weak planets and their reactions. Also, a minor change in weather can affect these weak planets. These weak planets cause head ache. Migraine brings sensitivity to light, sound, smell etc. Also, it causes vomiting sensation and stomach ache with it.

Head ache causing planets

According to health astrology Mars and moon are responsible for head ache. Sun is the reason behind Migraine. Mars causes cluster head ache. The reasons behind it could be too much work, amygdala, weak brain etc. Moon causes head ache due to stress and over thinking. Overstress will cause head ache from affected nerves.  

Remedies for migraine in Astrology

  • To strengthen weak lagna there are gems you can wear

  • You can use powerful kawach on auspicious day and time

  • Surya Bhedi pranayama is very good for migraine. You can practice it daily.

  • Agnisaar kriya is very beneficial according to astrology kundli. It is a technique of sucking air in stomach by emptying lungs. But practice this with guidance of an expert

  • Also, never empty your stomach. It leads to gas formation and this leads to head ache.

  • Sleeping in shavasana helps to reduce migraine.

  • Doing pranayama daily also helps

  • Also, when strong headache occurs you can tie a cloth or string above elbow. In addition to that tie a wet cloth on your neck

  • Take Munakka (3 times size of black raisin) get rid of its seed. Fill camphor in it and put it in your bed while sleeping. Also eat munakka when you wake up. It is a proven technique to get rid of migraine

  • Take root of punarva and tie it around your neck in a white thread. Wear it around your neck during Thursdays after keeping some water in your mouth and take it out. It is called Vaman. Practice it 4-5 Thursdays to get best result.

These are some effective remedy for migraine. After reading health astrology an astrologer can help you to strengthen those weak planets. Thus, your kundli has everything related to your problem.

If you have trust in astrology kundli consult some expert to get solution for all your health problems. He will suggest solution for your problems after reading you kundli. First try all those remedies and if its not working then it is better to consult a doctor.

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