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Truth or Myth: Manglik Dosha Vanishes After Certain Age

manglik dosha

Manglik dosha is very important dosha according to astrologers. They believe that before marriages on should verify their birth chart for maglik dosha. It can happen to both boy and girl. Sometimes even after looking so many marriages or matches, nothing will match properly if your birthchart has got this mangalikdosha. This causes delays in marriage and other consequences also like divorce, disharmony between couples, the death of partner, life threatening diseases. Only thing you can do for this is to do maglik dosha check with the help of a good astrologer.

Manglikdosha will not affect your lifespan if the planet that is responsible for your longevity is strong. Various planets are responsible for manglik dosha. It is very important to please those planets through some astrological remedies and make them favorable to you. There are cases in which couples with maglik dosha lives a long and healthy relationship. The reason behind it could be the strength of other planets that favors your marriage relationship. There are some myths and facts related to manglik dosha. You must be aware of it before feeling sad about manglik dosha in your birth chart.

Reasons behind manglikdosha according to Astrology

  • Mars is responsible for issues like manglikdosha. This is a strong planet which can be malefic and beneficial according to its position in your birth chart. If Mars is positioned in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th houses then manglikdosha can happen. Dosha is weak from Venus, a little bit stronger from moon and stronger from Lagna.
  • If Mars is in 2nd house it causes temperamental speech and the affect is same in 7th and 8th house
  • If Mars is in 4th house it can cause emotional issues in married life
  • 8th house Mars can affect longevity and create harsh speech between couples

Facts and Myths related to mangalikdosha

  • Myth-: Maglikdosha can affect the longevity of husband or wife. With the presence of maglikdosha in one’s birth chart it can affect longevity of other partner.

Fact-: Everyone has their own stars and destiny. Manglikdosha affects varies from person to person. If your birth chart is favorable for marriage it will happen, and you can live happily forever with the help of favorable planets and their position in your birth chart.

  • Myth-: Manglikdosha will only last till the age of 28 years and vanishes after that age

Fact-: If manglikdosha is prevailing even after the age of 30 years Mars will affect the married life of that person

  • Myth-: You can avoid effects of Mars by doing poojas. It says that you can get rid of manglikdosha by doing pooja

Fact-: it is not possible to change the position of Mars in your birth chart by just doing pooja lifelong.

Very popular myth about Mars is that after 28 years you can get away from manglikdosha. The reason behind it is that Mars will get matured after 28 years. It will be more sensible after maturing and if there are any positive effects attached to your birth chart you will get that after 28 years. That is why many people says that manglikdosha will get vanishes after 28 years. But if there are not any positive results attaches to Mars then nothing will happen. This dosha prevails even after 28 years. You can do manglik check to make sure that everything is ok in your birth chart.

Another option is to find out a good website where you can enter your birth chart and do manglik check using manglikdosha calculator

Manglik dosh remedies

  • Best and most advisable remedy is to match two manglik dosh individuals
  • Kumbhvivah is another remedy where a person with this dosh have to marry banana tree, peepal tree etc to get rid of this effect
  • Tuesday fasts are considered to be effective to please Mars and reduce its effects
  • Chanting Navagraha Mantra on Tuesdays can also help you to reduce maglik dosh effects


With the help of a good astrologer reduce the effect of mars and please it by following any of the remedies given above. This will help you to lead a happy and peaceful marital life

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