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Is there any way to minimize the effect of Manglik dosh after marriage?

India, a culture more than a country with a number of beliefs and superstitions. While some beliefs have roots with scientific reasons and explanations, however, can be considered as rootless to some extent. Let us take an example, I am sure everybody has definitely heard about the Manglik dosh, a dosh that cannot be seen but can only be felt. For example, if a woman who is Manglik marries a non Manglik man then the spouse will die within the short span of time after marriage. Means as per the astrology, God’s planning for this person will fail because he is going to die at an early age.

This is a crazy but bizarre culture in India and this is the reason everyone seeks astrological consultancy for marriage. Moreover, many men and women are worried because they cannot marry to anyone who does not have the manglik dosh. Delay in marriage haunts most of the people. As per the Vedic astrology, this dosh is considered as the serious astrological drawback for marriage. It can affect person’s whole life and may bring misfortune after marriage. And misfortune is the reason, not death that people are afraid of marrying a person with maglik dosh. It is also known as Bhom dosh, kuja dosh, and Angrakha dosh.

How to find Manglik Dosh in Kundli?

At the time of birth of a person, every planet has a different location is a galaxy and the location of these planets defines our future or present and our karma. As per the astrology, when the planet Mars or Mangal is placed in the 12th, 8th, 4th, 7th, 2nd, and 1st house of the person’s birth chart then it is mangal dosh. Means placement of Mars planet in these 6 houses out of 12 houses can cause this dosh. Some astrologers also suggest that if planet Mars is present in the 2nd house of the birth chart then this is partial dosh. Almost 50% of the people have this dosh in their birth chart.

The recent case was seen in Aishwarya Rai’s marriage with Abhishek Bachchan, both are Bollywood actors. In this case, the actress has to get married to the tree (Lucky Fella) before getting married to her fiancé Abhishek Bachchan to overcome the Magal Dosh’s ill effect.

Misconceptions of Mangal Dosh

A person is Manglik if there is a negative effect of Mars planet on their horoscope. This influence is more when talking about marriage because it is a most important aspect to consider at the time of matching the birth chart. A person’s birth chart should be checked before finalizing the marriage because it has various misconceptions related to it. The biggest fear is the death of a spouse if a partner is suffering from Manglik dosh. However, it does not happen in every case, it happens due to the influence of other planets. If Mars planet is present in its own house then there is no manglik dosh and if 9th house is strong then the effect of planet mars placed in the 8th and 7th house is canceled.

Manglik Dosh Characteristics

•    Both people can have Manglik dosh in their birth chart

•    People with malefic Mars may have ill-temper because it shows aggression due to the fiery symbol

•    People need to channelize his/her energy in order avoid destruction

•    It causes late marriage

•    It causes tension and sometimes conflict in marriage

•    If two mangliks marry each other, it is supposed to lower or nullify it ill-effect

•    It is believed that who has mistreated their partner in their previous birth have mangal dosh in their Kundli.

Cases when mars creates problem apart from death

•    When planet Mars is in 1st house, violence and conflicts can take place

•    It causes trouble in family life as well as in professional life if mars is in 2nd house

•    The person will severely suffer financial trouble when planet Mars is in the 4th house

•    If in 7th house, the person will be highly ill-tempered.

•    The person will be isolated from his/her paternal property from his/her elders if the planet Mars is in 8th house

•    If the planet mars reside in the 10th house of the birth chart, then the person will suffer from mental issues and may face financial loss.

Remedies to overcome the bad effect of Manlgal Dosh after marriage

•    Fasting on Tuesdays can be beneficial to eliminate negative effects of Mangal Dosh and only Toor Dal is eaten during fast.

•    Chanting of Navagrah mantras, or hanuman Chalisa can also be beneficial on Tuesdays to eliminate the mangal dosh. In fact chanting of Gayatri mantra for 108 times a day can result in pacifying this dosh

•    Mangal is associated with Lord Hanuman, a god of Martian nature. The offering of knives, wheat bread, red silk, red, stone, and the sword can please Lord Mangal to get rid of this dosh.

•    Religious puja or navagraj pooja at the Navagrah temple can help in reducing this effect after marriage. However, there are very fewer temples in India dedicated to the Lord Magal

•    Tuesday is the day of Lord Hanuman, hence offering vermillion, ghee lamp, and Sweets can please Lords hanuman and can help in a release from this dosh. This can only be done the male.

•    Gemstones associated with planet Mars can also help in relieving from Mangal dosh. Red Coral in the gold ring can be worn on the heart finger to fight negativity of Mangal Dosh.

Above mentioned are the remedies for Mangal dosh to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. Offering certain prayers, chanting mantras, and donating several things can overcome this effect but this should be done under the guidance of an expert astrologer.

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