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Love. Breakup. Repeat. When will I find my Soul mate. Can Astrology Explain this and Help me?

Your love astrology can provide you with ways to determine that whether the concerned person is your soulmate or not. With the help of your birth chart and sun signs, it is possible to uncover all information about your soulmate.

The first area is to start with the basic elements. The 12 zodiac signs are divides among the 4 elements, such as:

  • Earth – Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn who aim for material safety.

  • Fire – Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius who are inclines towards adventure.

  • Wind – Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius who prefer communication over any other aspect.

  • Water – Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces who prefer emotional security in a relationship.

Individuals who share the same element tend to share the same sorts of goals, and hence are more compatible. But this is not enough to confirm that the person is perfect to be your soul mate.

For a better answer, it is equally important to consider the position of Sun, Venus, and Moon as well. Moon indicates our emotional wellbeing, Sun indicates our life goals, and Venus indicates our relationship goals.

Considering Birth / Natal Chart

In order to understand your future and the perfect time to find your soul mate, you need to first have an astrological natal chart. With Earth constantly revolving, the planets also keep changing positions, and the shifting can cause negative or positive effect on your life, which can be known only through your natal chart. Once you are done with the birth chart the next thing to consider is the 7th house.

Considering 7th House

The 7th house is positioned opposite to ascendant or rising sun. Have a look at your ascendant and you will notice that it is opposite of your sun sign. For such reasons, it is also claimed that opposites always attract. For example, one partner is compulsive in keeping things clean, while other prefers keeping things messed up. So, checking the 7th house would help you know the zodiac sign to which you would be attracted.

Furthermore, look at the planets in 7th house. You will have strong connection with your soul mate through this house. For example, the Sun or Moon of one partner would rest in the 7th house of other partner, revealing a strong connection. If the 7th house has no planets then the ruling planets of your sign would be consider to identify the connection.

Considering Mars and Venus

The angular relationships between the planets like Mars and Venus also showcase the harmony of a happy, romantic, and satisfactory couple. The angular position between these two planets is highly important. The 120 degrees and 60 degrees angular position are most promising. While 90 degrees and 180 degrees angular position delivers some challenges. If a planet is 10 degrees in one chart and 5-15 degrees in other then they are compatible.

Considering Outer Planets

Pluto, Neptune, or Uranus is vital in determining the quality of a relationship. Consider the aspects between outer planets and Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter, which are the personal planets.

  • Uranus – Presence of Uranus with respect to a personal planet can leads to worries.

  • Neptune – It indicates intense feeling of romance and love. Presence of Neptune indicates strong bond between couple.

  • Pluto – Pluto is quite tricky and its presence can destine couple to be together but have a life filled with challenges.

Considering North Node of Moon

As per marriage astrology, the ecliptic is the path that sun traces and North Node is the point where Moon intersects the path while moving towards the Northern Hemisphere.

When a special person enters into the life then your North Node will get activated.

So, with help of your birth chart and love astrology horoscope it is possible to identify the correct time and type of your soul mate.

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