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The long time in Love whenever try to go for marriage Interruptions come from family, job wise, some time fights etc, why this i

•    Do you want to do love marriage but parents interrupt?

It is very to fall in love. It is very easy to be committed for years. The difficulty comes when you are ready to marry your love. So are stuck between your love and your family? Is it happens whenever try to go for marriage Interruptions come? If yes then it is the result of planetary effects in your marriage horoscope. To know the reasons behind this happening, you must have the knowledge of marriage astrology.

•    Factors Responsible for Love Marriage

The marriage astrologers study 4 houses. The respective houses are 7thhouse, 5th house, 8th house and 11th house. Along with them, the signs are also studied. The respective signs to be studied are Scorpio, Gemini, and Pisces. The love marriage is also affected due to the position of Mars, Venus, Rahu, and Mercury.

•    The effect of various houses

The 7th house is responsible for perfect Relationship. It expresses a person’s marriage and married life. One thing should be kept in mind that this house is responsible for marital happiness. No happiness can be experienced in marriage without this house. As far as the romance or love affair is concerned, the position of the 5th house is studied. It is responsible for romance and affair. When a person quests for love marriage, this house is analyzed first. Its involvement makes sense. The marriage is all about love, trust, and understanding. It also has space for physical intimacy and sexual pleasure. The house responsible for success in intimacy is 8th house. It can also be said that it is accountable for secret and hidden issues. When it comes to acquiring gain or desire in friends circle, 11th house is studied. It is the primary house responsible for profits and benefits.

•    How do various planets affect the love marriage possibility of an individual?

Whenever the marriage prediction is done, the planetary positions are checked. The primary planet responsible for love is Venus. It is known as the planet of Love. Astrologers recommend people to get the blessings of Venus to get love. So if you want to enjoy your romance and love, you need to get the blessings of Venus. When the positive effect of Venus is felt, everything seems to be beautiful.

According to Indian astrology, planet Mars is a source of energy. But marriage astrology considers mars for boyfriend or girlfriend. The planet Rahu is responsible Insatiable Desire. If you want to have a love marriage, marriage horoscope has the presence of Rahu. It can be concluded that it compels the person to do anything against tradition or social Norms.

Generally the planet Mercury is misunderstood. It is because of its effects. Obviously, it is the source of youthful energy. But whenever marriage prediction takes place, this planetary effect is also studied. It is because it makes an individual to enjoy and to have fun.

•    Remedies to get rid of negative stuff

The first thing you should do is to pray. Have a constant prayer time. Pray to god with a soul mind.

  • You can also offer a flute and betel leaves to Lord Krishna.

  • A girl should fast for 16 Mondays.

  • Lord Shiva should be prayed.

These remedies can give you peaceful mind, to get a clear idea about the remedies based on your situation, don’t forget to consult a good astrologer.

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