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Logic Behind Kundali Matching while getting Married

In this modern era, people seek compatibility in communication, area of interest, living standards, and their choices. Though, their relationship can or cannot lasts for years because there is no guarantee for long lasting relationship. It is only you who can help in long term relationship. You cannot hold on to any good situations to save your married life because ups and downs are the part of life.

Marriage is very pious in Indian culture and people seek long term relationship with full compatibility. People are firm believer that after matching the marriage kundali they will get the same understanding life partner for the successive seven years. Moreover, they are modern yet very sophisticated as they cannot think about broken marriage, living apart, sour relationship etc. Hence, this leads to firm believe in Kundli analysis.

Kundli is helpful in successful marriage, how?

Janam kundli may leads you to the successful marriage if you are firm believer of the same. It basically imitates the position of planets and stars that are going to affect your lives. According to Indian shastras, both men and women have individual identity in the nature, after marriage their luck, destiny, fate influences each other. In some cases it can do wonder like Ram-Sita’s marriage, and can lead to bad marriage. That is why kundli prediction somehow plays a necessary role in marriage.

       Remedies for Improve Low Score Kundali Match

Purpose of Kundli

Name, date of birth, timing of the birth, place etc defines the nature of the person and marriage kundali defines the overall compatibility of the person with each other. It refers to the kundali horoscope matching of bride and groom, where gun-milan is done. The people are compatible to marry each other if average 18 gunas are matched out of 36 gunas. Additionally, higher the match, higher the compatibility of the person.

By matching these gunas, you can predict the life span of both the person, planetary position, quality of marriage life. Other factors of guna that affect the marriage are:

  • Varna(caste matching), 1 point in guna,
  • Vashya(physical compatibility), 2 points in guna
  • Tara(dina), 3 points,
  • Yoni(features and nature), 4 points in guna
  • graha maitri(friendship), 5 points in gunas,
  • gana(mental compatibility) 6 points in gunas,
  • Bhakoot(influence on each other) is 7 points in gunas and
  • Nadi(possibility of child birth) is 8 points in gunas.

The total is 36 gunas. It foretells the physical and mental compatibility in terms of the temper, patience, behavior, mindset, interest and aptitude. It also defines the intensity of physical attraction as marriage is also dependable on the desirability for each other. It also foresees the financial compatibility after marriage and luxury of life the couple going to have.

Principle behind match making

As mentioned above, all the gunas combined together forms 36 guna. If in the match making, couple gains the 18 points or less then the match is not acceptable. If a couple scored points between 18-24 than this is average guna milan and is acceptable for marriage. It will be excellent if guna milan is 32 or above. However, there are lots of factors to check for long lasting relationship.

There are various online kundli generators that assign the score as per the kundli such as if a kundli of a women scores higher rate and is superior in mental, intellectual, and physical terms than men, then they will definitely get the zero score. Now, look at some of the important aspects that defines the differences in personality and relationship.

Varna: it is related to the person’s mental compatibility or ego. If a women has higher intellectual or spiritual level then men, she will score zero in test. This test is based on the people’s personality that is defined into 4 categories: Brahmins(higher), Kshtriya,

Vasya, and Shudrs(lower). The bride and groom score 1 guna then they have same ‘varna’ or women have low verna.

Vasya: this guna gives the score on the basis of power compatibility and defines who will dominate in relationship. It is so because of the vedic principles divides the personalities into 5 traits such as Manav(human), Vanchar(wild Animal), Chatuspad(four legged small animal), Jalchar(sea animal), and Keet(insect). If the bride and groom are from the same Vasya they will get the full guna or points. Zero points, if the Manav and Vanchar vasya. 0.5 points for manav and jalchar vasya milan and 1 for rest of the vasya milan.  

Tara:  there are 27 nakshtra in galaxy hence, it is related to the birth star compatibility. It denotes the health and wellness after marriage. In astrology, 9 categories of the birth stars are present that signifies an auspicious and inauspicious inter-relationship. It is calculated through the birth stars of her’s to his and from his to her’s. By dividing the count of the birth star by each other, if the remainder is odd number then it is inauspicious tara. Conversely, if the remainder is even number, then it is auspicious.

Yoni:  this denotes the sexual compatibility and according to the birth star, it is classified into 14 animals such as Elephant, Horse, Sheep, Dog, Snake, Rat, Cat, Cow, Deer, Tiger, Buffalo, Monkey, Mongoose, Lion. Matching of same Yoni gets the full score, whereas opposite or enemies(Cat/Rat, Tiger/Cow, Mongoose/Snake etc) gets the o score. 3 score for friendly yoni such as Elephant/Monkey.

Graha Mitra: this test denotes the mutual affection, outlook, spiritual, and intellectual level of each other. You can see the routine behavioral differences, norms and an attitude by which men and women see each other. It defines the bond between the unlike planetary lords of the moon sign (at the time of birth) of partners. These moon sign lords are either friends or enemies or neutral. Full points, if lords are friends, 4 points for 1 friend and 1 neutral, and 0 points for enemies.

Gana:  it is behavioural and temperamental compatibility of one being. As per the stars, it is divided into the Deva gana, Manav gana, and Rakshasa gana. Full points are given if both the person are from same gana or boy is manau and girl is deva. 5 points for the manav girl and deva boy, 1 points for the rakshasa and dev gana, and 0 for rakshasa and manav gana.

Bhakoot: it has the maximum points in the guna test and defines the economic prosperity, welfare of the family after marriage. It is counted from the position of moon in each other’s horoscope. If groom’s moon place is 2,3,4,5,6 from the bride’s, it is a bad combination. Whereas, 7 and 12 is good combination. If bride’s moon position is 12 from groom’s moon, it is bad combination, whereas 2, 3, 4,5,6,7 is good combination.

Nadi:  it contains the highest score and indicates the physiological factors, genetic compatibility so that the couple can have healthy progeny. As per the stars, it is divided into 3- Aadi, Madhya, Antya. Zero points for same nadi and 8 points for different nadi.

From where to get kundli matched?

Now, what about other who have broken or divorced marriage? Can kundli prediction change their fate or karma? No! But a kundali maker can change that fate after matching the kundali. All you need to seek suggestions from the kundli maker who is expert in this area. Besides, you can also take suggestions from the online kundli generators who can forecast your kundali and can tell the mental, physical, love, and spiritual compatibility.

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