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Learn The Remedies For Early Marriage By Planet Wise

When any word is spoken in front of us, then we create a small story which we feel is relevant to that word and it helps to understand it more. If we speak of “Astrology” then it is a concept which is much wider and interesting then individuals know about it.  There is quote or saying

  “Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”

It is given by Dane Rudhyar, which simply explains that astrology is a language which will help you to get the answers which are difficult to find. The answers sooth down the individual who are trouble in finding the right path out of the two ways in life.

There is lot of wrong assumptions about the Astrology around as that it is the belief of people who are superstitious. In fact astrology is the science which tells about the situation and happening with the help of charts and direction. “When my marriage will happen” this is one of major question which is asked by the individuals who visit the astrologer.. The curiosity levels of clients are high since they are much interested in finding out that when they will marry according to astrology.

       when will i get married

As Per Astrology Some Signs Which Simply explains About Indication of Marriages:

  • 7th House is birth chart is indicated for happy married life, prediction of marriage, why marriage is getting delayed and its remedies, In-Laws, Love marriage, Business etc. it may also indicate the date of marriage , where the In-Laws house would be and at what distance.
  • For boy in 7th house the influential factor is venus and for women it is jupiter.
  • The zodiac of 7th house is termed as saptmesh bhav.
  • If the zodiac in saptamesh bhav is aries or scorpio then saptamesh bhav will be mars.

It is suggested by specialist astrologers that for happy and timely marriage are that 7th house and saptmesh bhav, both the factor plays key role. Sometimes it is witnessed that due to manglik dosha it may happen that marriage can be delayed. There is one shlok which is quite famous and helps to understand how manglik dosha appear in kundli:

                                    “लगने व्यये च पाताले, जामित्रे चाष्ट कुजे!

                                   कन्या भूर्त विनाशय भूर्त: कन्या विनाशयकृत !!”

In simpler language it means that if in place of lagna 1,4,7,8,12 and in bhav the manglik dosha arises. Some of astrologer says that we should consider the manglik dosha by both birth lagna and moon lagna which are present in kundli. It is common that the child born in manglik dosha has to have late marriage. It is advisable to the individual that they should marry only after finding the right match. Manglik Dosha is one of the reason which come as the effect of the late marriage for the individual.

After reading it you must have got scared if you found out the same situation in your birth chart then need not to worry much, there are some remedies offered by experts which will end the effect of manglik dosha and individual can go for early marriage.

These tend to be simplest remedies which can be easily performed to remove the effects of manglik dosha.

  • The girl should keep the fast of gauri.
  • The donation of jaggery according to their body weight on Tuesday at any religious place.
  • The person should read the Durga saptshati for 51 times.

Note: the entire chant should be done for 51 days.

  • Distribute the sweet chapati should be distributed to poor for 40 Tuesdays.
  • On dasham mahavidya lay the foundation of the goddess kamla yantraand make sure that you read the main lines of the basic mantra.
  • Read the sunderkand on daily basis.

Keep the fast of “vat savitri” to get the blessing of goddess

  • Honey and revdi should be dropped into running water on every Tuesday.
  • Before the marriage the girl should be married to earthen pot or lord Vishnu

Remedies to get married early as per planet wise:

For Sun:

  • Donate the jaggery, wheat , salt, knife,mat,red cloth of 1 meter and red flower on Sunday.
  • Offer sweet water to sun every morning.

For Mars:

  • Keep fast on the Tuesday’s.
  • Make sure the person should offer vermilion  to the hanuman ji.

For Saturn:

  • Donate the five utensils of iron on Saturday by the jatak.
  • Half and one kg kedney beans should be driifted in flowing water on Saturday.
  • Keep the fast on Saturday.
  • Wear the 7 carrot

For Rahu:

  • 11 Coconut should be drifted in water on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Chant the mantras 18000 times and Offer prayers to God in front of fire.

For Ketu:

  • On Monday donate the twin color blanket on religious place.
  • Pray to lord Ganesh on daily basis.
  • Feed the dogs on daily basis.

As the above remedies planet wise which will help the individual who is looking forward to getting married without much hurdle these remedies are easy to perform and results will be positive if done in the way as described.

At Akashvaani, the astrologers are there to help and guide to all the individuals who are process to seek the remedies through which they can enter the married life early and all the doshas present in kundli get ended.

You must have heard of Astrology lending a helping hand to all those couples to be who doesn't want wrong with their marriage. Astrology suggests:

  • The remedies which will help you to keep the marriage intact, and happy.
  • It explains with various charts and planets that this marriage will be right for your future life or not.
  • Astrology is also the one type of science which helps to look forward that any hurdles doesn't comes in front of the newlyweds in their marriage.

So, if you still feel the query which you can't get solved then it is the time you look forward for the solutions given by specialist astrologer who holds years of expertise in providing and ensuring the right solution that will help to have peaceful life ahead.

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