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Is it possible to predict if my love affair with the particular person going to succeed. How?

Love blooms everywhere, even it’s been around here since humanity exists and gods and goddesses can’t protect themselves from it. This is because, there are certain yogs in an astrology that causes people fall in love. You will be attracted towards each other when this dasha is going on. However, the young couple wants answer for the questions like is my love going to be successful? And these questions are obvious to come in mind because these are the question of life. Loving a person and getting married to the same person sometimes become a dream. This kind of marriage is called as love marriage but before getting married, people usually gets afraid about longevity of marriage. Whether their relationship is going to be successful or not.

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Will my love be successful?

No one can answer these type of question because future is uncertain but in astrology, there are certain scope to find answers for these questions. Actually, this science is not magic but a mathematical calculation that gives the accurate answer as per the information provided by you. In Greek mythology, Venus is the lord of love so as in Vedic astrology. It represents love, opposite sex attraction, pleasure in love, romance, and other things. By analyzing the position of Venus and other planet in horoscope chart can predict the future of the love marriage. If the Venus in the birth chart is in weak position, it not only leads to the failure in love but may give wrench for the life. More the venus is weak in chart, more the native will suffer in love.

Which house should be analyzed to predict the love success?

As per the astrology, the 5th house is related to the love matters in life in everybody’d horoscope. If a person wants to analyze his/her love life then first analyze the 5th house, 5th lord and the planets associated with that house. Ascendant, the 1st house is the main house for every answer and question. If the lagna lord and fifth lord or the lagna and 5th house comes together then the person will enjoy the healthy relationship with his/her lover. Make sure there is no malefic condition in the house, and lord of the house. 7th house denotes the marriage in birth chart but 12th house denotes the pleasure in bed, so this is equally important as food.

How these Houses help in love success prediction?

After analyzing the person’s kundali, it can be found out that whether he/she will have love marriage or arrange marriage and their love after marriage. Even it can also tell the relationships that a person will have in his/her whole life. it is all because of Venus, if this planet is weak and placed in 6th, 8th, 12th house, distressed, and present in enemy house, then love marriage will never be successful.

The good placement of the planet Venus in birth chart indicated success in relationship and love. Moreover, if the position of Venus is high or in Kendra or under the influence of planets such as Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon (benefic planet) then the native will be definitely successful in love marriage or relationship. Hence, it is clear that strength of the Venus helps in success in love.

All this reading can not only possible from reading only one horoscope chart. According to Vedic astrology, there are other 16 different horoscope charts hence, to predict only lagna chart is not enough. Shodash vard and Ashtak Varg are also important.

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