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In love relationship but commitment Phobic: Can astrology explain

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Relationship with a commitment phobic person can be quite stressful and emotionally draining. They are a perfect dream turned into a reality that you may have never imagined. They may woo you with all their heart, sing songs and do things that are beyond your imagination. But the moment you start believing this dream, they may simply vanish or become aloof, leaving you wondering what went wrong.

Commitment-phobes don't like getting emotionally hurt, they never open up themselves to you, but knows everything about you.  Sometimes it is hard to read their intentions because you never get to see their other side and everything seems so perfect.

Love astrology is believed to resolve lots of issues and concerns related to relationships and love.  If you are already in a relationship with a commitment phobic or are planning to go into one, it is good to check their astrological charts so it becomes to deal with it.

How can astrology help for commitment phobic

As per love astrology, a tendency of commitment phobia in certain zodiac signs is more than the others. Let's look at the top five commitment phobic sun signs.

  • Taurus:  A Taurus is a free soul and does not intend to be tied down easily. They want to enjoy their life without answering questions to anyone.

A Taurus does not believe in rushing things and takes their own time before taking a step forward. Before making any commitments, they look to all the possible sides of a relationship. Once they have decided to go forward, Taurus will never back out.

But the real challenge lies is to get them committed to a relationship.

  • Virgo: Virgos are known to the perfectionist in all of the zodiac signs. In fact, this level of perfection is what they are looking into a relationship too. They have a huge checklist on which they tick mark things for the partner they are looking for.

It is very difficult to please a Virgo because their expectations from their partner are extremely high. Virgos commit only when all of their requirements are met.

  • Libra: Librans are considered to the romantics of all the zodiacs. They are always looking for love and are finding someone to commit themselves. But as easy it may sound, Librans don't generally commit to anyone easily.

They are always looking for a partner with whom they can chill with. Librans have the fear of feeling trapped in a relationship, which makes them commitment phobic. Getting your love marriage astrology matched with a Libran will help you to know them better.

  • Sagittarius: Sagittarius loves their freedom, which may be a hindrance for those who decide to get into a relationship with them. Known to be easy going it is quite difficult to understand Sagittarius because of the way they are.

They may not easily commit to a relationship fully and it is important for them to meet someone who can understand this about him.

  • Pisces:  Last but not the least in the zodiac sign, Pisces is the most commitment-phobic sun sign in all twelve of them. They are dreamers and idealist in their approach. Their expectation levels are too high in a relationship and if it does not fulfill they may feel betrayed and shattered.

Even if a Pisces is committed to a relationship, their hearts are soaring in a different direction. On the contrary, they never feel fully committed to anyone.

If a commitment phobic person has agreed to tie a knot with you then consider yourself lucky, finally, you have reached their comfort level. It is advisable to get your love marriage astrology checked with your partner to get an idea of your life ahead with your partner.