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Importance of 16 Monday Fast for girls

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Monday fasting is an important ritual according to Hindu mythology. Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva and fasting on this day is dedicated to Lord Shiva. If you can observe it for 16 consecutive Mondays, then you will get benefits. Lord Shiva’s blessing is important to everyone, and if you can fast and pray him, he will pour blessing on you. When you approach an astrologer to check marriage horoscope, he will suggest you this.

People observe Monday fast to fulfil their wishes. It could be anything from good health, happy life, prosperity, domestic happiness, marriage and many other things. It is very effective fasting everyone can observe. If there is any dosha in your marriage astrology, your marriage may delay.  Mainly unmarried women observe this as it helps them to get a good husband like Shiva. If they can continue this for 16 consecutive Mondays, they can please Lord Shiva and get a good husband.

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This fasting is not only for unmarried girls married women also observes this to get a long happy married life and get good health for their husband. It is better to start observing it on Shravan month (July or August). You can observe it by following rules properly, and you can easily please Lord Shiva. Shiva is easy to be pleased, and for all materially related wishes, one should pray Lord Shiva.

Who should observe Somvar (Monday) fast?

This is recommended for girls who are facing problems in marriage and who are looking for a perfect life partner. They can start this fasting on first Monday of Shravan month and observe it for 16 consecutive Mondays. The procedure of this Vrat is fasting, puja to Lord Shiva and chanting Ohm Nama Shivaya the whole day.

Fasting procedure on Monday Fast

There are different procedures according to your health condition. If you are observing it strictly, then you cannot eat anything but only water. The fasting starts from sunrise and ends in a sunset. Early morning after you get up have a bath first and go to Shiva temple. If you have problems while fasting, you can have juice or fruits.

If you cannot go to the temple then in your Puja room light the lamp using gingerly oil and put Chandan on Shiva idol or picture. Do Archana with flowers by chanting 108 mantras ‘Om Nama Shivaya’. You can offer beetle leaves or any sweet dish to Lord Shiva and conclude the puja.

After the puja, you can carry out daily routines. The only thing is that don’t eat anything. Drink juice, water and fruits if you want. In the evening light, the lamp and you can end the puja. After the puja, you can eat prasad and fruits and end fasting. You can also drink coconut water after offering it to Shiva. This is how you can follow the fasting. Do follow this fasting for 16 consecutive Mondays like this.

One should observe fasting with a pure heart and complete devotion. Get rid of all negativities away from you to get a good outcome out of this fasting. There are many stories related to this fasting. One story says that it is the fasting that Parvathi observed to get Lord Shiva as her husband. That’s why girls should observe it to get a perfect husband. This is also known as Solah Somvar vrat.

To get rid of all health issues one can observe this. Also, they should chant Maha Mruthyunjay Mantra on fasting day. It brings positivity and removes all negativity around you. Chant it 108 times to get the best result.


Monday fasting is one of the most effective rituals every Hindus believes in. When a marriage astrologer examines your horoscope for marriage prediction, he can identify if any dosha is there related to your marriage. He suggests practising Monday fasting to get a good married life and husband. Girls should worship Lord Shiva to get a husband like him.

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