Love or Arrange Marriage

How Love Marriage is predicted through Kundali. Can there be yoga of both love marriage or arrange marriage in one chart?

The most common question pertaining to marriage asked to a Vedic astrologer by an individual is whether he will have a love marriage or arranged marriage. In today’s modern world, females are allowed to mix freely with the opposite sex at place of study as well as workplace. Due to the daily interaction with each other, they sometimes find an individual with the same ideals as himself and they decide to marry.

An individual may want to know if he will be able to marry beloved so he asks a Vedic astrologer to get a Kundli reading done to see if he will have love marriage or arranged marriage.

  • As the 7th House is the House of Marriage, it can tell all about marriage and also the type of marriage. Position and the influence of planets like Venus , Mars or Moon over the 7th House gives a partner of the choice of the individual who he gets married to, the same happens if the 7th House Lord is positioned in the 1st,5th or 12th House where marriage is indicated to someone known to the individual.
  • If there is any kind of relationship between the 5th and 7th Houses and their Lords it is a prominent indication of Love marriage.  If the 5th and 7th lord are in conjunction with the 11th house or 11th lord also joins this conjunction then it further strengthens the indication of Love marriage.
  • 8th house being the House of Sex and Physical Intimacy, if 5th house makes a Relation with 8th house like 5th lord placed in 8th house or vice versa or 5th and 8th lord is in conjunction or in Mutual aspect there is quite high chance of getting involved in some kind of Relationship but it would usually be a Secret Relationship. There being no connection with 7th house or its lord there are very less chances of marriage.
  • We need to check the position of Venus as the planet is a natural significator of love and romance. Also, we need to study the association of planets and House Lords like Rahu, Moon, Mars, the ascendantlord, 5th,7th and 12th house.So, while studying the position of Venus, suppose it is positioned in 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th or 12th house then it will push you towards love affairs and other combinations can result in marriage also. Suppose Venus has an association with planets like Rahu or Mars, it makes one go against people or norms to marry their love interest.Such a position of Venus makes one very passionate and impractical which can also lead to going against wishes of others.

Mars Venus combination occurs in Navamsa chart or in the sign of Mars or Venus or in Gemini or Pisces, it gives love marriage. Venus positioned in 5th house is also a good combination or Yoga for Love Marriage.When the Rahu-Venus Conjunction is found in Zodiac Signs such as Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini etc or is found in Houses like 5th, 7th, 8th or 2nd there are indications of Love Marriage. Suppose Mercury-Venus is in conjunction especially in Signs like Gemini or Scorpio is also very significant for Love Marriage.

  • We need to study the planet, the Moon as it is the Karaka of the mind, our behaviour and thought depends on the position of Houses and Zodiacs. If Moon is under the influence of planets Venus or Mars it can make one very interested towards opposite sex which may also lead to marriage with some person whom you love or adore.  Also study the position of the Moon and if you see Moon in 5th, 7th or 12th house then there are good indications that you will marry by your own choice.The Rahu-Moon Conjunction and Moon-Mercury Conjunction is also a Favourable Yoga for Love and Romance. It will be more favourable if Venus joins this combination or Planets also occupy the Nakshatra of Moon or Venus or Rahu.
  • Our next study will be Jaimini astrology to study the Putrakaraka and the Darakaraka. SupposePutrakaraka is placed in the 1st house, 5th house or 7th house then marrying your girlfriend or boyfriend is indicated.  Same results are indicated if your Putrakaraka or Darakaraka is making a relationship with the lord of 5th house of natal chart or with planet Mars, Venus or Moon.
  • Again in Jaimini astrology,ifUpapadaLagana andArudha Lagnaare in conjunction in any chart and whenplanet Venus, Mars, Moon or by Putrakaraka or Darakarakaare inUpapada then love marriage is likely to happen.

We also can see what the yogas for arranged marriage are:

  • In your natal chart, if the 2nd, 7th and 11th house lords are in connection with each other, the marriage of a native will be successful and these houses are connected with the moon or sun in some way, it indicates an arranged marriage as a result. Suppose the 2nd, 7th and 11th house lords are connected with each other, there will be a successful marriage. If the houses are in connection with the Sun or moon, the marriage is likely to be arranged by the parents.
  • If the 7th house lord is positioned in the 8th, 10th, 11th or 12th house, and the ascendant lord is placed in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th or 12th house, this increases the chances of an arranged marriage.
  • If the ascendant lord is positioned in the 9th house, and the 9th house lord is positioned in the 10th house with the 10th house lord, an arranged marriage is in the cards. When the ascendant lord does not combine with the 7th house lord or this house, or when the 7th house lord does not form any combination with the ascendant lord- the indication of an arranged marriage is high.


For more information of love or arranged marriages do consult our expert astrologers.

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