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How to know if someone is Manglik through Kundli charts?

Marriage, a beautiful bond between two people of different behaviorism, attitude, and thinking. But people still wonder how two different personalities share their life with each other. Is this require any understanding compatibility or something else that bound them to be with each other? Yes, the answer lies in astrology! In our culture, we usually prefer an astrological yet scientific answer to these questions.

A glimpse about Kundli Matching

Let us consider, two people fell in love with each other deeply and they want to get married because they think so they are compatible to marry each other. However, from kundli matching, it shows they cannot marry each other because they have magalik dosh. Apart from the behavioral compatibility, a person needs compatibility for life and future. And this can be determined by kundli matching.

     Mangalik Dosh Calculator

Now, how just a mangalik dosh can destroy an idea of getting married to each other? I know everybody must be seeking an answer to these question. Have you ever thought how any unknown person become so dear to you and you fell for each other without giving any second thought? No! Let me tell you, it all because of stars and the planets associated with your kundli. Also, manglik dosh is one of the miss matches of stars and planets in person’s kundli.

What is Manglik dosh?

A girl or boy or both considered as a manglik when there is a negative effect of planet mars. There are 12 houses in the person’s horoscope and if mars is placed in the lagna house means in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or in 12th house. Moreover, the placement of mars in any of these 6 houses denoted Mangal dosh. It assumes the greatest significance in a person’s marriage or married life in judging the compatibility, sexual act, harmony, child-birth, and passion. It may or may not be harmful, only depends on the person’s horoscope.

Role of mars in marriage

Mars is considered as a fierce planet that is why it has given much significance in match making. Here are its significances:

  • In 1st house placement, this planet may make person violent and aggressive.
  • The 2nd house signifies the immediate family or kutumbh and placement of mars in this house cause problems in domestic life.
  • Mars in 4th house signifies mental life and comfort of family.
  • Placement of mars in 7th house means in lagna house can brings misunderstandings.
  • The 8th house denotes the age longevity after marriage (Suhaag Bahva)
  • The 12th house in marriage denotes happiness and financial losses.

Hence, placement of mars in above houses can bring danger to spouse or self. But for marriage, the counting of mars in these houses is done along with the moon and Venus. Because it is not necessary that all the parameters in the above house bring negative effect on marriage. When the manglik dosh detected, then the house is severely detected with only position of mars in that particular house.

Effect of maglik dosh on marriage

The worst and severe effect of mars in lagna, 4th, 7th, 8, or 12th house of the kundli is spouse’s death. This is the final result when Mars is with any malefic association. Sometimes, separation or divorce take place as a result of mangal dosh. Now why mars creates such outcome after marriage, it is all because of the fiery nature.

Mangalik dosh characteristics

  • Person having mars as powerful planet in horoscope possess aggression, confidence, will power, and hot-tempered as its fiery nature.
  • Its negative effect is competition, conflict, arguments, intolerance, dominion etc
  • Have lot of energy and needs to be channelized properly, else it can become destructive.
  • It causes tension in married life and hence results in loss of mental peace and discord of bond.
  • If the birth day of the person is Tuesday, then mangal dosh can be nullified
  • Two mangaliks can marry each other because it nullifies the effect.
  • If one person has mars in 6 above houses and other person has Rahu/ketu in above 6 houses, then in this case mangal dosh nullifies.

Other planet’s effect on Mangal Dosh

Not so be afraid, if you have mangal dosh because it effect may get lessen with other parameters and marriage can be recommended on the basis of those parameters.

  • The planets placed in Kendra and Trikona can increase the glee in marital life.
  • Malefic planet in 3rd, 6th, and 11th house may make the kundli strong, also this aids in checking the –ve factors associated with marriage.
  • If mars is in its own house, it normally do not cause any adverse effect. So, if it is placed in Scorpio or Aries in manglik position, its harm get lesser.
  • If Jupiter gets placed with mars, it will reduce manglik dosh.
  • If mars is combined with Saturn, it is believed that it will neglect the manglik dosh.

Remedies to alleviate Mangal Dosh

If there is a problem, then there must be a solution and it is true in case of mangal dosh. There are few remedies that can cancel the negative effect of mangal. A bearer needs to follow certain rituals such as:

Kumbh Vivah: this is a ritual of marrying a person with banyan tree or peepal tree of the gold idol of god Vishnu.

Mars settling on horoscope chart: as per the astrology, the first house belongs to aries in horoscope chart and if mars is also residing in this house, then mangal dosh gets cancelled.

Fasting: fasting on Tuesdays can also be beneficial

Chanting: If a person chant navaghar matra on Tuesday or chant 108 times Gayatri matra or Hanuman Chalisa daily, then mangalic dosh can be alleviated.

Gemstone: an individual can also wear bright red coral gemstone in with golden ring in the ring finger.

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