How Kundali Matching can be done by using Name of Girl and boy

Kundli prediction is probably the most important step that families take before getting someone married. Horoscope matching is still a very popular step in India, to make sure that the groom and bride are compatible enough with each other and with each other’s families. Astrology has been an area of interest for ages now. Sometimes astrologers can match the janam kundli of the boy and the girl just by using their names.

There are plenty of aspects related to astrology kundli matchmaking, as an astrologer has to evaluate zodiacs, time of birth, the lunar constellations etc. A lot of astrologers also use the Ashtkoot chakra or Avakhada chakra to check the marriage kundli and the compatibility of the bride and groom.

What Is Kundli Milan By Name And How Does It Work?

Janam kundli milan is a way that Indian families use to check the love compatibility if the bride and groom. There are two ways to do that, one is kundli milan by name, and the other one is where the horoscopes are matched using birthdays and the exact time of birth. While most families trust the birthday horoscope matching more, the result of both these methods is actually the same.

While checking for kundli horoscope using names, the astrologer looks for both the current name or the janam rashi names of the two individuals. Sometimes a person’s birth name is not the same as his or her current name. in such cases, the astrologer first checks with the birth name. If the results are not quite good, then he checks for the compatibility using the current name.

The astrologer checks the Dosha Pariharam or Dosh cancellation factor while checking the kundlis using names. Dosha or faults, is a situation where after performing the kundli milan by name, any of the matched merit result comes as 0. The astrologer then looks for certain aspects in the other person’s horoscope to check if there is any way to cancel out this Dosha ro demerit. In simpler words, it means the astrologer looks for certain qualities in one person that can fill the void of some shortcomings in the other’s characteristics. That is what compatibility actually means.

What Factors Are Examined While Matching Horoscopes By Names?

Life span- It is important to check the life span of both the boy and the girl ifit is long enough.

Individual health- Couples with poor health conditions will suffer for most of their live. That is why it is important to check in advance in there is any possibility of any fatal or incurable disease in either the boy or the girl.

Finance- Money is an important factor to lead a peaceful married life. So this aspect is checked for to see if there are any yogas of poverty in the couple’s future.

Children- This aspect is checked to see if there is any resistance to childbirth.

Mutual understanding- No point in having the rest if there is no compatibility among the couple.

What Factors Are Examined While Matching Horoscopes By Birth?

Varna Koota- This tests the amount of spirituality in the girl and boy. This is based on the oldest forms of caste system, that is, Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishyas and Sudras.

Vashya Koota- This focuses on the zodiac compatibility of the couple.

Tara koota- This focuses on the mental and emotional compatibility of the girl and the boy. Both the janam kundli and name compatibility methods give utmost importance to this koota. Emotional compatibility is what keeps a marriage going.

Yoni koota- This examines the sexual compatibility of the girl and the boy.For this, the yoni kootas of both the boy and the girl has to be the same.

Gana koota- This emphasises on the time of the birth, whether you were born in the Dev Gana, Manushya Gana or Rakshas Gana. The most auspicious kind of marriage is considered when the boy and the girl are of the same Ganas.

If you do not have a kundli yet, you can always go to a kundli maker or use an online kundli generator. Else, there is always the option of kundli matching by names too.

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