How astrology predicts longevity of marriage

How Astrology Predicts Longevity of Marriage

Marriage is a sacred institution and its also a once in a lifetime commitment for everyone. A lot of forethought goes into selecting the right partner and ensuring that the bond is forever. While some people prefer to tie the knot with someone they have known for a long time, others put their faith into the system of an arranged marriage, and settle down in life. They say marriages are made in heavan and when we see couples who have lived together through thick and thin, perfectly complementing each other, the statement comes true. Can anything be predicted about the outcome of marriages beforehand? Logically it’s not possible. Unless you marry someone and start living with them, the outcome cannot be understood. However, there is a glimpse of the future and an answer to this question in astrology.

Astrology can predict the longevity of a marriage. For this, many people first evaluate the janam kundali of the respective partners. They also try to look up online kundali matching which is available nowadays, as well as try and get online marriage prediction between two people with calculations based on the birth date, time and location.

Let us understand some of the factors that are looked into for longevity of marriage. A marriage that is compatible also becomes automatically of a long duration, as there are no clashes or issues. The Ashtakoot guna milan which is done, gives a compatibility score based on various factors of both the male and female horoscopes. A score of above 18 out of 36 is considered as good compatibility and this system is usually one of the main factors to decide the longevity of marriage.

The personality of a person is judged from their 1st house and it reflects their personality and characteristics. The rashi that a person belongs to determines their nature. There are various calssifications of rashis such as vayu, jal, agni etc. These determine the mental temparements. Certain rashis are compatible with others while they clash with others, leading to clash of opinions, way of acting etc disturbing the marriage and affecting its longevity.

The 7th house of one’s kundali deals with marriage. Any problem with this house, such as the aspect of Shani or Mars, placement of rahu and ketu and other malefic planets can give issues in marriage, one of which could be affecting the longevity and leading to separation. Further, in the detailed charts like Navamsha chart also, if the astrologer finds an issue with the 7th house, clashes is certain in the marriage.

Below factors signify that marriage possibly won’t be of long duration:

  • The stars and planets which have their impacts on marriage are the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.
  • An afflicted or debilitated 2nd lord denies family life. A debilitated planet in the 2nd house denies or creates trouble in family life. 2nd house and 7th house are inter connected. 2nd house represents family and 7th house represents spouse. 
  • 8th house in the marriage horoscope reveals about the possibilities and happening of divorce. If the 7th house is related with the Sun then it will create differences in married life. The 8th and 12th house are related to divorce and separations
  • If the planet Venus is positioned with the Sun in any one house among 2nd, 4th, 7th and 9th then it is very clear that issues will occur
  • If Mars is present in the 1st or in 7th house then it brings quarrels and disputes among the couple.
  • If Saturn is associated with any one of the house 1st and 7th then the partners will remain suspicious about each other.
  • If Ketu is present in any marriage related house, then the couple will not have a good bonding among them.

These are some of the signs which expert astrologer use to recommend their opinion regarding the longevity of a marriage.

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