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How Astrology and Counselling together can greatly help you for Mental compatibility between two partners

The most widespread reason why marriages break and why relationships don’t work out is compatibility issues. Even when everything is right, from finances to status to health, marriages still do not work out because of the lack of compatibility. That is why before marriage, the couple’s janam kundli is matched to check for any future mismatch in the relationship.

Vedic astrology checks for the position of the Moon in the kundli horoscope of the charts of the boy and the girl. This process is known as the Kuta system, which is used to check for the mental compatibility of the couple.

What Is The Kuta System?

Normally in astrology, while checking for marriage kundli, there are 36 factors that are examined in the boy’s and girl’s respective astrology kundli. The Kuta system examines only 12 factors that are based on the Moon’s position in both the charts. The ideal score in the traditional system of kundli milan by name or by birthdays is 36. But that is a very rare case scenario.

How Astrology And Counselling Are important To Determine Mental Compatibility

The Kuta system is the link between these two scientific approaches. The Kuta system is based on the positions of the Moon in the astrology kundli. It measures how a couple's relationship is harmonised based on how freely the consciousness flows. This flow of consciousness is the main force between the couple. This does not indicate karmic compatibility though. If the position of the Moons in both their charts is auspicious, it would mean high compatibility. If the position of the Moons are not well placed, there are many other factors that would determine the compatibility.

Nowadays, one can easily use an online kundli generator or a kundli maker and get the compatibility score online without understanding how the system works. But a low score can help couples identify which all areas they lack in compatibility and with the help of proper counselling, can work on it. A Kuta score, whether high or low, does not really determine if the relationship is going to work out, the will and efforts of the couple determines that.

While the traditional Kuta system shows you which areas you and your partner lack in, modern counselling can help you deal with that. Kuta mainly focuses on exterior factors like health, life span etc. and evaluate these factors to give a compatibility score. A low Kuta score is not at all a reason to be disheartened.

Other Factors In Astrology That Determine Mental Compatibility

Astrology is such a vast area of study that lots of astrologers do not have same opinions about different methods of measuring compatibility. One of the most effective methods is to compare the two charts through Synastry. This is the best possible way to get a clear idea of how the positions and energies of different grahas (planets) work in the charts to determine the couple’s compatibility.

While the 7th house of each respective charts is the indicator of relationships and marital bliss, an astrologer should ideally study all the boxes of the chart thoroughly. For a relationship with high mental compatibility, the position of Lagna lord, 7th lord and 7th house karaka, Venus should be strong enough and there should be good yogas present in the individual charts.

If Mars stands placed in houses 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12, the marriage won’t be a smooth one. But if the other person’s chart shows a similar placement of Mars in either of the boxes, then it is going to be a happy marriage. Mars in these boxes stand for low compatibility and that is easily visible while doing the kundli prediction of a couple.

Wrapping Up

A lot of times it might happen that a couple has been together for years but their compatibility score through the Kuta system is low. In such cases, people might ask what makes them compatible. As we said earlier, traditionally there are 36 factors that are examined to determine a couple’s future together in marriage. So the best way to determine compatibility is to compare the two charts and tally all the factors and all the houses.

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