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Are you going to grow in your career after your marriage. How astrology can predict about it.

A good career is important for a happy life. If we want to lead a quality life a good career is a must. Nowadays most of the people are busy in making their career bright.  They work day and night to get better opportunities and name.

When it comes to marriage most Hindus check janam kundli of boy and girl. If both matches together then only they will proceed with marriage. By checking marriage kundli a good Astrologer can predict how their future life will be. So, to know whether there is any doshas or problems it is essential to check kundli horoscope. There are many online kundli generators where you can generate horoscope now.

There are many types of marriage kundli checking. You can check sites for kundli prediction. By entering your date of birth and time you can generate horoscope from online kundli generator. Another kundli prediction checking is kundli milan by name. Sites are there where you can enter boy’s and girl’s name to check match. It analyses both names and give your result. Everybody don’t believe in kundli milan by name.

Planets and houses are important in deciding your career after marriage. When an astrologer check janam kundli they check 10th house of horoscope. It is responsible for your career. When analyzing career after marriage an astrologer analyses 1st, 7th and 8th house and position of their lord. Some prediction according to planet position are given below

  • If your first house is strong you can pursue your career even after marriage. It indicates everything related to you.

  • 7th house of your marriage kundli indicates your partner.  If any malefic planets occupy it then your partner will trouble you

  • 8th house tells you about your wealth

Importance of 2nd house in janam kundali

2nd house is very important to check because it decides your life post marriage.

  • If there is auspicious planet in the 2nd house and lord of 2nd house places in a well place then you will get a wealthy husband.

  • By checking navamsha and Vmshottari dasa shows you further details about career growth

  • If 2nd house is occupied by malefic planet and lord of 2nd house comes with unwanted planets then there will not be any growth in career.

  • If 1th house/lord is not well placed even if the 2nd house has auspicious planet then also full benefits cannot be achieved

Position of lord of 7th house

If lord of 7th house is well placed it means you will be wealthy and get financial gain from partner. So, it is 7th house that decides everything about your partner.

Unity of lords are very important

If 7th house lord and 11th house lord is in useful combination without any malefic influences you will get a wealthy life after marriage. Also, if 2nd and 11th house lords united and 7th house lord is well placed then you will get a good career after marriage

Some other aspects

If upapada lagna conjunct with benefic planets then it indicates a problem free happy married life it also gives you financial growth. If upapada lagna and Arundha lagna is in 5-9 then you will get a good wife. Also, if there are benefic planets in 2nd house you will lead a prosperous life.

Above all these matches it is your hard work that decides your position. You can’t get anything without working. Even if you have a high career growth according to horoscope you cannot achieve it easily.  So, checking horoscope is a good thing but work hard to gain something.

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