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Facts and Myths about Kundali Matching

Residing in a land of over 1 billion people who are predominantly superstitious, coming across families who blindly believe in Kundali matching is not uncommon in India. Kundali matching refers to the process of an astrologer checking the birth signs, horoscopes, and the positioning of the planets of the prospective bride and groom before committing to marriage. This ritual is done based on the fact that in Hinduism, it is believed that marriage is a sacred union. When a couple gets married, they pray that the couple should abide by this sacred union not just in this life, but in the successive seven lives as well.

The married couple is then thought of to be a singular person, and not two different people. Due to this, the future and the fate of one person may affect the life of the other couple. In order to determine whether the marriage would be a compatible, smooth and successful one or not, Kundali matching is done.

       How Kundali Matching Works For Marriage

Whether you are a believer in astrology and Kundali matching or not, it would not be surprising for you to come across family or relatives who probe this topic before marriage.

Here are some facts as well as some myths about Kundali matching that you should know about:

1. Astrology and kundali matching are based on science of probability.

It is a play of numbers, and the entire process can be dissected into a very mathematical manner. However, to base ones choice of life partner and future life based on a probability may not be the best decision to make. While there might be probable chances of a persons life going in a certain path, it is still simply a probability, and ones life path may change. Thus, basing an entire marriage on a game of probability is why some people refuse to believe in Kundali matching before marriage.

2. The presence of ‘Mangal Dosha’ in the chart of the prospective groom or bride could potentially ruin the marriage.

This is a staunch belief of those who believe in astrology and kundali matching before marriage. The person who has mangal dosha in their charts is considered a manglik, and often is the cause for most marriage commitments to be broken. However, this is a massive misconception, as has been proved over time. Even if a family strictly believes in this concept of Mangal Dosha, there are several astrological remedies for reversing this negative effect.

3. One of the myths of Kundali matching before marriage is that if a couples Kundali matches perfectly, then the couple will have a happy and successful marriage.

However, even this fact has proven itself to be a myth over time, as several couples with perfect Kundali marriages have suffered from failed marriages over time. Hence, the misconception of Kundali matching being completely fool proof is a myth.

4. There are several pandits in India who would chalk up a fake Kundali match before a marriage.

The main purpose behind doing so is so that the pandit can convince the families to undergo several remedies and pujas which can reverse this condition. Doing this can often turn out to be an extremely expensive affair. This is how many pandits go about making extra profits, by creating fake kundali matches. Thus, kundali matching can not always be trusted, since most people themselves will not be able to spot the difference between a real and a fake kundali matching.

5. There is another concept revolving around Ganas and Gana dosh in Kundali matching.

This states that there are three major ganas- the rakshasgana, devagana and masnushyagana. In the modern world, these ganas basically stand for dominant personality traits of the bride and groom. Thus, if both the couple is part of the same gana, it is considered a perfect match, and if they are opposites, their gana points are reduced. However, this concept of gana was used in the olden times to prevent the groom from marrying a girl with a very strong, dominant or aggressive personality. In the modern times however, this personality trait is not necessarily considered a flaw, and this the concept of Ganas are also overlooked.

6. The concept of Kundali matching is one which is familiar only in Hinduism.

A lot of people have questioned this entire concept, as those belonging to other religions do not have Kundali matching, yet they end up in successful marriages. It has also been observed that no where in the Hindu scriptures has it been forced to have a couples Kundali matching to be done before their marriage. Thus, the myth of Kundali matching being of utmost important in a marriage is slowly being considered nothing more than a superstition and a myth.

Whether you are a believer in Kundali matching or not, for a successful marriage, it is of utmost important to understand and communicate with your partner, instead of blindly believing that astrology is the fix for all your problems.

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