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Couples staying away after marriage because of jobs, how can astrology predict it

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The responsible planets and their effects on astrology kundli.

If the couples are working, they have to manage many things. Be it a government servant or private employee, transfer leads to many problems and confusions. Astrology successfully predicts the possibility of job transfers. The planet Sun is responsible to get power and authority. If the couple has a strong effect of sun, they will be promoted. The planet Saturn leads to obstacles in life. Its presence is known to bring more tension and problems in the career. The planet Mars is responsible for the sudden events of life.

When marriage kundli is analyzed, the possibility of jobs is also studied. The effect of the 4th house leads to transfer. And this is the responsible factor for the separation from family. The planet Saturn leads to loss of prestige, respect, and status. And this results leads to an immediate transfer. The 10th lord makes a person jobless as per janam kundli. An individual finds it difficult to get the job. And it even leads to frequently changing Job situation.

A person will experience transfer with promotion on account of the 7th house in marriage kundli. It is affected by 3rd, 10th and 12th. If a person experiences transfer without any change in residence, it is known that the 10th house has been influenced by 3rd, 10th, and 12th. If the transfer results in a change in residence or change in place, the couple has to stay away as per kundli horoscope. And here the affected house is 4th house. Some transfer brings financial gains. It becomes possible 2nd or 11th house is affected.

What astrological remedies can be followed to be settled at one place?

kundli Milan by name is the foremost step to take place.

“Om Namah Shivaya” - This is the most powerful mantra to be recited all day long. The individual can chant at any time. But it would be better if chanted in a temple. Don’t worry if you cannot go to the temple. You can chant it in some alone position as well. The only thing required is to concentrate on your verse. Other than that the 7th house and its lord are the responsible factors. It is assumed that the presence of Rahu in the 7th house leads to marital problems according to expert kundli maker.

Most of the couples go through the kundli prediction only to get rid of such issues. If you are going through frequent transfer, then the 4th house is the responsible one. To avoid frequent transfers after marriage, start worshipping the Sun. It will accord you a good job without transfers. Astrologers even recommend keeping something silverish with you. Before marriage astrologers suggest getting the Janam kundli verified. It is because of the job possibilities. If there arises any problem or transfer in the job, it can be cured by kundli milan by name.

The conclusion

Now kundli horoscopes are known to be important because of many factors. Obviously, you predict your future. With the help of a kundli maker, you can easily have the most suitable career choice. As far as frequent transfers are concerned, astrology kundli successfully gives a solution to it. As per the placement of different planets, you can predict your job status. And due to it can either get a transfer or you eliminate the chances. Many people even recommend online kundli generator. Even with them, one can easily get an answer to personality traits, relationships, career, and finances etc using kundli prediction.

    So there is no need to worry if you are staying away. Go and take the help of an astrologer or use online kundli generator and get rid of everything.