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Chances of Pregnancy – When Science Says no But Astrology Says Yes!

Having a child is the dream of every man and woman who enter into marriage. Once the clock starts ticking, and the time is right for a child to enter into their life, they plunge into preparations for ensuring the goal of a child is achieved. However, this is a game where man cannot control the final result or so modern science leads one to believe. Based on medical tests results of the man and woman, sometimes doctors prescribe extremely costly treatments where again risks and side-effects are many, or they may say with finality that it is not possible to conceive and the couple would remain childless for ever.

However, the ancient and divine science of astrology is worth looking into for everyone to know their chances of conceiving a child and also to remove the blocks or obstacles in conceiving a child.

An expert astrologer would closely analyze the horoscopes or janam kundali of both the man and the woman who are trying to have a child. The astrologer would be able to tell them reasons that are impacting the chances of conception, they can point the timelines when the chances are highest or lowest, and finally give the remedies and solutions that can be tried to get children.

Nowadays there are online pregnancy calculators, which can answer the question “When will I get pregnant”, and that can give you information on the best timing for children as per your chart.
The janma kundali or birth chart of a person reveals all of these details. 

Important houses for childbirth

  • The first house and lord must be clear of any negative effects, indicating robust health and strong desire to bear a child.
  • For childbirth, the first, fifth and ninth houses or their lords of the horoscope are analyzed.  The ascendant, navamsa and saptamsa divisional charts are also considered, as one needs to correlate the findings from the main charts in the divisional charts also.
  • In general, the status of 5th house in kundali is quite important. If this house has good and positive planets, then the couple have huge chances of having a healthy baby. The planets facing this house, impact of other planets on this house, and power and position of this house determine the “santan praapti yog”. 

Effect of malefic and benefic planets

  • Malefic planets like Saturn, mars, sun, rahu and ketuaffecting the fifth house or its lord causes problems in conception. 
  • The astrologer would also study the position of Guru and Guru has to be graceful to one for begetting a child. If you have the santaan karak placed and transitting favourably, then you are bound to be blessed.
  • For conception, it is important to understand that one will conceive a child when transit of Jupiter and Saturn is over fifth house and Lord of fifth house. Dasha and transit need to be related to a relevant house for a person to conceive a child. Moreover, the relevant houses should also be present in the Kundali.

Astrological timings and shubh muhurats

  • Astrologers can check the charts and indicate the best timelines when the couple have maximum chances of conception of a child.
  • At the start of a new year, many couples tend to plan pregnancies, however one must wait until the period of Sankranthi is over in the hindu calendar, for a really auspicious period to start planning something important. 
  • In general, the period of pitru-paksha, days such as Amavasya are to be avoided.

Transits of planets

  • For conceiving, a woman few important transits have to occur as :
  • Ascendant lord transiting over fifth or seventh house and 
  • Fifth lord and ninth lord transiting over ascendant. 
  • Transit of Saturn over fifth or ninth house.
  • Transit of Jupiter over fifth house or fifth lord.

There are several remedies and recommendations in Vedic astrology to boost the chances of conception. So if science says no, it need not be a final one, until one has consulted an astrological expert also. Astrology and counselling can help couples stay relaxed and stress-free to get over the bad periods of delay and obstacles, and move forward to positive results with childbirth!

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