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Chances of remaining a single woman and unmarried? Astrological insights

In modern life, a lot has changed in the societal norms and structure. Take the instance of marriage itself. The age for getting married is rising steadily upwards, people prefer to establish themselves in a career or work independently for few years before even thinking of marriage. When it comes to choosing a spouse, again many have a lot of expectations and are not ready to compromise on many factors including age, career path, residence, financial level and educational level of their future partner.

They are very particular about the kind of person they want to spend the rest of their life with. They also have many expectations from married life, and their independence and ability to stand on their own feet and also take their own decisions is accorded high importance, even in a relationship of give and take.

With modernization and westernization of Indian values, the moral fabric of society has undergone a change. Whether this is good or bad is a matter of debate. A lot of the traditional Indian culture and value systems have taken a beating in the name of modernization – it is in marriage that one sees a manifestation of this change. More and more single women upto their late 30’s are still contemplating whether to marry or not.  Can your birth chart give you the reasons behind your single status?

In order to understand your marriage prediction, its important to go through the below astrological steps:

Examination of horoscope:

  • First examine a horoscope or janam kundli from the lagna, Moon and Venus and the condition of seventh house and seventh lords and the eight house and the eight lords.
  • For marriage we have to assess the Desire Trine (Kaam Trikon) 3-7-10 houses and the positioning of their lord.

Factors showing single status or disinterest in marriage

  • Lord of 7th being moon or jupiter going to 12th house makes sanyasvat yoga/celibacy yoga
  • Another celibacy yoga is the 12th lord being exalted in 4th house.
  • One more house which usually many people ignore that is 8th house which says all about happiness from marriage. Affliction to 8th house will surly give lack of harmony in partnership 8th house affliction in D1 & D9 both in horoscope can give delay or negation of marriage.
    • If with afflicted 8th House there is association with the 11th House 11th Lord, the lady will be career-oriented and will not marry in order to fulfil her ambitions.
    • If 8th House is afflicted in navamsha charts also, the woman leads a lonely life.

Houses and Planets in marriage horoscope

  • 7th house which is the house of marriage, should not have malefic planet or aspected by multiple malefic planets, 7th house lord’s positioning in Rashi chart and Navamsha should be analyzed. The 7th lord in the 9th house, also indicates less interest in marital bliss and worldly aspects, and more onto a spiritual path.
  • The planets Venus and Jupiter are the planets of importance for women for their marital and love relationships. These planets should not be afflicted.
  • Mars is the planet to watch out for while in the 7th. Mars denotes aggression, valour and haste. All these qualities have negative connotations in a person’s married life
  • The influence of Rahu and Ketu can make a person not follow the rituals and norms of marriage. With negative Rahu one may not have faith in this institution. With wrongly placed Ketu, one may be desiring way too much when searching for an ideal partner leading to delays.
  • When Moon in conjunction with Saturn occupies the 7th house, a woman will tend to remarry

Soubhagya Yoga and Sukha Yoga are two important Subha Yogas in female horoscope. The lack of these yogas signify that the planetary positions are not conducive to marriage relationships.

In conclusion, a thorough study of the chart and divisional charts from many aspects need to be related by online expert astrologer to understand whether one is better off being single or married.

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