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Can astrology predict if you will have children

One of the happiest moments in life is having children, for a person feels complete when they get married and also have children. This is a very important aspect of Indian culture as well, where after marriage, the next big milestone is having children and starting a family.

This again is one decision where destiny plays a role, and things are not always under our control. Inspite of all our efforts, sometimes the wait for a child becomes a lengthy period of stress and anxiety for the couple. A lot of money is spent on medical intervention also, for aiding conception.

Astrology can play an important role in predicting the chances of childbirth and also can give some very minute details about the timing of the birth.

What all can astrology predict regarding childbirth?

  • Whether one can have children or not
  • Timing and best period for childbirth
  • Number of children
  • Gender, nature and qualities of the child
  • Any obstacles in childbirth
  • And more…

Fill in a few simple details and get information on your chances of pregnancy

How does astrology predict childbirth?

In order to predict childbirth, the janam kundali of the woman is important, however both the horoscopes of the man and woman have to be consulted.

  • The 1st, 5th and 9th houses are all studied and correlated
  • Transit of Jupiter has to be studied. Jupiter is significator of children
  • 5th house and 5th lord are important to study
  • The ascendant, navamsa and saptamsa divisional charts are considered

How are obstacles in childbirth predicted?

There are some clear signs and indications with the study of janam kundali and divisional charts which indicate that problems, delay, obstacles etc may come up in planning a child.

Having children is considered as the punya of good deeds in one’s past birth. Hence if one has certain doshas in the horoscope or certain deities need to be pleased, all the remedies need to be completed successfully for the path to become clear. Some of the obstacles may be :

  • If Jupiter is under the influence of malefic planets – then it becomes weak.
  • If the planetary time period or dasha is not conducive for children, obstacles crop up

Can astrology pinpoint on nature of the child?

Based on the various planetary positions and calculations it is possible to make many accurate predictions on nature of the children. Some of the examples are as below:

  • Mars is a good significator for male children
  • If the 5th lord is chandra or shukra , then first child can be a girl
  • If surya, mangal or Guru is the lord of 5th house, then also an ideal child is born.
  • 9th house – If Guru, shukra and 5th lord are in the 9th house, they give an ideal child.  

Whether it is a quick question, full consultation or anything in between, the experts at Akashvaani can guide you as per vedic astrology so that you have authentic information and advice based on your horoscope. We look forward to serving you soon.

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