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Best Gemstones for Marriage

You may have heard about wearing gemstones as a remedy for planetary influences in astrology and how they can alter our lives in different ways. Not just rational minds, but the question may rise even in the minds of the most faithful as to whether wearing these gems really make any difference and is there any scientific basis for their use. The answer is a resounding yes. Gemstones work for the betterment of one’s life and this is a fact and not fiction.

The science of gemstones

The sun is the source of all energy and affects human beings directly. If we observe the sunlight through a prism we see that it is in fact a spectrum and mixture of several colours. These colours are understood to be the cosmic matrix and very essence of the nine planets. The planets are thus associated with these colours. The gemstones are prescribed by astrologers in consonance with these colours. Gemstones have many different colours and lustre.  

How is it determined as to which colour corresponds to which planet?

The answer is that the wavelength of coloured light radiating from the planets is believed to match the wavelength of the corresponding gemstone. This is how gemstones are presecribed as they are very much in sync with the energy of the planets.

What happens when we wear gemstones?

We are aware that a gemstone absorbs all kinds of solar and cosmic energy and also radiates at a certain wavelength. This means a particular type of energy is passing through it. When this gemstone touches the body of the individual, the individual absorbs the same energy. When presecribed properly, the person starts improving and feels a restoration of balance in their life. If the prescription is wrong, and adverse changes are seen, removing the stone causes any effects to stop.

It is a common practice in India to buy precious gems only after checking for several parameters with an expert jeweler – for example diamonds have to be uncut without any scratches. Also, diamonds bring prosperity to some and utter ruin to others. Therefore, it’s important to have expert advice when one is dealing with gemstones.

Which are the best gemstones for marriage?

Whether you are facing a delay in getting married, whether you are looking to improve love and romance in the relationship or want to remove obstacles in married life, gemstones can help. Different gemstones can be worn during different phases of your married life, in order to target specific problems and depending upon the planetary affects you are going through.

Below are some of the ideal gemstones one can wear for issues related to marriage.

Diamond – Every woman desires a diamond ring for her engagement. Diamonds are graded for four "C"s for gem quality— colour, clarity, cut, carat i.e. weight. Tourmaline and rock crystal are the semi-precious stones one can buy if one cannot afford diamonds.

  • Diamonds can be worn in order to improve love and romance in the relationship.

  • The stone helps to decreases worry and stress as well.

  • It creates goodness and removes evil and fearful thoughts in a person.

  • It also enhances sensual power.  

Yellow sapphire -  Girls who are not getting married or not finding a perfect life partner can wear this stone. This stone is affiliated to Jupiter and hence considered one of the most auspicious stones.

  • This stone increases harmony, peace and balance in an interpersonal relationship

  • Highly recommended for sumangalis or married women. It keeps the position of the husband strong in their lives

  • Helps in joy and longevity of married life.

Ruby – Ruby is affiliated to the sun and is a precious stone. The semi-precious substitute for Ruby is Red Garnet. Historically, it has been symbolic of love and passion.

  • It removes conflict and obstacles that may be cropping up in the marriage.

  • Ruby overall increases one’s vitality and attributes of the heart.

  • It enables one to keep balance on one’s nerves and hormones, leading to increased ability to deal with all problems.

Emerald - A relationship can break down without proper communication. The general effects of emerald are relating to mind. Peridot is the semi-precious substitute that can be worn in its place. However, emerald is not recommended for newly-married couples, as it reduces passion.

  • Helps in increasing communication, kundali matching and intelligence which are essential in complex dealings of all relationships.

  • Cures fickle-mindedness and harsh speech.

  • Strengthens intuition and memory

  • Decreases anger, jealousy and stress.

  • Aligns and balances inner body

  • Helps in childbirth.

  • Is a great detoxifier.

Hessonite – Hessonite is the garnet stone in gemology and is orange brown in colour. Zircon and amber are the semi-precious substitute gems that can be worn in its place. The Hessonite is the precious stone for Rahu.

    • Soothes and influences the central nervous system, taking care of the body-mind connection, leading to greater understanding and acceptance in marriage.

Therefore, take advantage of the power of gemstones and go in for expert astrology advice on wearing them as per your horoscope and planetary positions.

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