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Couples always fighting over small affairs, Can astrology explain the kind of behavior while kundali match?

In Indian astrology, kundli horoscope has a special place. Whenever a marriage takes place, it is assumed that two families are tying a knot. The two individuals are about to be one for life. It is obvious for them to hope for the soothing marriage life. kundli prediction is known to be very important get the marriage horoscope of the people. It is because if the kundalis don’t match, the life is going to be spoiled.

Arguments after marriage are quite common. But if the Couples are always fighting over small affairs, astrology kundli is assumed to be the major reason.

How does everything work?

Kundli Milan is not a theoretical aspect. It has to be practically done. Everything depends upon the circulation of planets. Kundli Milan by name is done only to know the possibility of having a happy and comfortable life.

  • As far as marriage kundli is concerned, eight points are matched. The aggregate of them comes to 36. Astrologers believe that at least 18 points should match. If the couple gets points more than 27, it is the bang-on situation. Astrologers approve the marriage. But if there are points less than 18, the marriage is not advised. Even the sum total is responsible for the fights between them.

  • When the fights become for the couples, some astrological reason is assumed to be responsible. With the change in the places of the planets, the characteristics of couples change. There might be any negative yoga responsible for the confusion. The Janam Kundli of the individuals is studied to know the reasons. Even the planets Venus and Mars lead to lack of harmony.

What are the respective factors to be studied?

  • Marriage is the purest act in the world. It is the union of two individuals. But this pure relation is known to be incomplete before kundli Milan. And it is believed that kundli Milan should take place for sure. The astrological charts of husband and wife should be studied thoroughly. Many couples constantly suffer from such issue. They should definitely consult an expert astrologer. There are positive chances of getting an apt solution. Some astrologers recommend wearing the locket of Lord Ganesha.

  • The kundali analysis thus plays a major role in marriages. To know the future of any relation, some factors are studied. They are matching casts, attraction, longevity, sexual compatibility, planetary friendship, mental compatibility etc. These are the major factors which are responsible for the successful marriage life. If the couples always keep on fighting over small affairs, these factors are responsible for it somewhere.

The worthiness of the prediction

  • In Indian astrology, Kundali Milan by name is very important. It is because no one wants to stick with marital issues later. It is better to go through kundali analysis for marriage. At least you can enjoy your life forever.

  • Feel free to contact any astrologer in such case. A kundli maker plays an important life as an individual. It is because kundli Milan is an important task to be done. A person’s life gets changed with a single statement given by a kundli maker. Remember not to go to any ordinary person for kundli Milan, It can be dangerous or risky. As far as the use of an online kundli generator is concerned, it should be done by professionals only. Many people have experienced its worth and genuineness. Get your future predicted via true people.


When it becomes difficult for you to manage the love life, it is not bad to talk to an astrologer for help.

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