Are you facing rejection in your love life? Let us analyze the astrological reasons and find remedies

We all like to fall in love. It is the best feeling in life when someone deeply cares about you. But because of malefic effects of planets in your horoscope, you could find yourself facing rejections. Suddenly your relationship which lasted years could be over. Malefic influences of planets don’t only affect love relations. Some people who want an arranged marriage can face same difficulties too where they will be rejected each time they meet someone. There have been examples where a native has been trying for years to get married but due to astrological problems in their horoscope, they got rejected every time. However, you don’t need to be worried as we will discuss the reasons for such occurrences and discuss the astrological remedies.

Planets can make or break your relationship

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According to astrology, the planet Venus influences your love life the most. It rules over all romantic relationships. If it is under malefic influences or it is weak in your horoscope your love life could be over before it even starts. It is believed that when the 5th lord and house, is combining with 2nd, 7th and 11th lord and houses, the native will be very successful in love. However if the planet Venus is in other weak positions, things will not turn out so well. The person will fail to feel love and it will lead to failure in relationships. In other cases, if Venus is placed directly between the Sun and the Moon, you will surely be doomed in your love life. Moon influences our minds the most. Hence, if moon and Venus are lacking a harmonious relationship in your horoscope then you will be dissatisfied with your relationship. Ultimately you will come out of it and it will not lead towards a happy marriage. Malefic combinations of Mars and Venus can cause you to lack intimacy in your relationship. Just like Venus, Rahu also plays a major role in your misfortunes. If it is attached with Venus in your horoscope, it will never allow you to be happy in your relationships. It will fail in the long term.

Reasons for relationships not ending in marriage

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Your 7th house dictates everything related to love and marriage. If your 7th house is has benefic combinations of planets and there are no malefic influences, you are very likely to be happy in your love life. But some terrible combinations can make sure your relationship never sees a happy ending. If the seventh house and its governing lord shares no benefic combination with the ascendant and its lord then there could be trouble. Similarly their relationship with the 5th house and the 9th house and their lords also matter. If they are badly broken then you destined not to marry your love. However there could be other reasons too. Sometimes, although there are good combination of planets are present in the said house in the horoscope but they go missing in the Navansh Kundali.  Also if both 5th and 7th house have bad combinations then there is a major chance of your relationship failing.

Separation in relationships can also be explained by astrology

Your relationship can end if the planet that is dictating your current ‘maha Dasha’ is malefic in your chart. The sixth house of your horoscope determines violence in the relationship. If the Dasha of sixth house is currently running, it can finish your relationship with unwanted violence. Your long term love could face several issues during the phase of the eighth house or during the phase of planet present in the eighth house. Other than this, your relationship might see a bitter end during the phase ruled by lord of twelfth house as it is known as the house of expense.In your horoscope. If your 5th house is governed by malefic combinations of planets such as Rahu and Ketu or are occupied by Saturn and Mars who don’t give good results in that house, the relationship will end up in losing the spark despite the initial romance. Some specific planets can cause problem too. Saturn makes us sacrifice and during the maha Dasha of Saturn people often become indifferent towards love. Similarly, the planet responsible for separation is Sun and during its influence most relationship come to an untimely end.

Astrology suggests these remedies for overcoming these problems

To cure your love problems you need to appease Venus. Wearing white on Fridays is one of the strongest way to please the Venus and the presiding deities of the planet. Besides this, it is believed to be effective to have white dish like sweet dish of milk that is Kheer. To reduce the malefic effects of planet Venus, it is also believed to be beneficial to donate white horse and sandal wood to the needy and true living. You need to get astrological remedies for the lords of your 5th and 7th house according to your horoscope. You also need to strengthen your moon to find mental peace. It would be best for natives having weak Moon in horoscope to not indulge in dairy business. Offering sweets to young girls can subside this a bit. Offering milk to shivalingam also strengthens your position of the Moon. You should also remedy your weak lord of 5th house if needed.

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